Black Ele Coffee – Coffee With A Purpose

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Experience Black Ele Coffee – Coffee With A Purpose by Unchained Elephants! Their Espresso blend, a meticulous fusion of premium Thai Arabica and 35% Robusta, delivers an authentic Italian-style espresso. Enjoy its exceptional crema and nuanced profile, offering hints of bitterness, roasted richness, and gentle acidity. Perfect for a robust wake-up, this blend stands out in the Arabica/Robusta category. Savor this rich, creamy espresso. More than just a beverage, Black Ele Coffee is a commitment to positive change. With 40% of the profits dedicated to rescuing elephants in horrendous conditions in Thailand, each cup you brew contributes to their welfare and rehabilitation.Every aromatic cup supports this meaningful cause.

TASTE NOTES: Revel in the bold flavors of our Italian Roast – a harmonious blend revealing nuances of rich bitterness, roasted undertones, and a satisfyingly low acidity.


  • Medium
  • Medium-Dark
  • Dark Roast
  • Intense French Roast

Unlock the essence of delicious fresh roast coffee with a purpose with Unchained Elephants!

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