Our Mission For Roasters

Coffee Culture, it is an online marketplace to connect Coffee Roasters with Buyers. Like a Lazada but in our case, it is exclusive for coffees that are locally farmed and roasted in Thailand and sell this coffee online. The idea is to encourage coffee drinkers and lovers around Thailand to start supporting these local Thai coffee roasters and farmers of all sizes. Giving them the chance to survive and get their products discovered. As only less than 20% gets discovered.

“I want to help local Thai people, who are doing what they love most. To give their coffee product the chance to survive by giving them the awareness needed for potential customers to buy them. Business owners should focus on developing their business to reach the goals and dreams they have.” – Susan Borvornpotsakul

We don’t want anyone in Thailand to be bound by just the coffee that was chosen for us by supermarkets. Join us on this crowdfunding campaign, an opportunity for everyone to support all the local coffee farmers and roasters in Thailand. Raising their standards, coffee awareness and creating an online coffee culture in Thailand, whilst discovering quality coffee beans throughout Thailand.

How it all began

The Drive Behind Coffee Culture Thailand

Coffee Culture was born out of a love for two things, good coffee and local artisan coffee makers in Thailand. Our GOAL is to bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer in Thailand. To help the local Thai people that might not have enough money to market or sell their beans effectively. That’s why we have created a marketplace online, where farmers can showcase and sell their roasts to buyers.

One day Susan after being frustrated with how hard it was to find different types of coffee beans and ground coffees from Thailand. The only way she could find coffee beans was by going to supermarkets or some of the coffee shops, and usually, they are either too expensive or the quality was not she wanted.

She then started searching for coffee from all around Thailand, being able to speak, read and write Thai made all of this possible. She soon after discovered many amazing coffee beans in Thailand, that were being farmed locally and roasted by Thais. After a while, people started asking her where she bought her coffee beans from and eventually started ordering for these roasters.

During the curfew of Covid-19 2020 in Thailand, coffee culture was born.


“Finding The Roast You Love Most”

This is what we bring to all coffee drinkers in Thailand. Every coffee drinker has a different preference, some like the acidic ending, some prefer it without, some look for smooth coffees that doesn’t leave a burnt after taste on your tongue, smooth, dark, burnt and the list goes on and on. Everyone has different taste and different roasts will match what you are looking for.

At coffee culture coffee drinkers can simply chat with us to discover the right coffee roast for them or simply filling up a form of your preference and we will get back to you with 3 blends that matches your taste and the offering coffee subscription services in Thailand.

Coffee Culture aims to bridge the gap between coffee roasters and coffee lovers in Thailand. So no matter where you are in the Kingdom, you can taste buy coffee beans in Thailand and find your very own favourite coffee blend from one of Thailand’s very own local coffee roasters.

Buy roasted coffee beans online

“Every Great Innovations Needs Great Marketing. And Every Great Marketing Needs Constant Change.”

Any great idea, requires execution for it to become a business, and every business no matter how great needs a great marketing. And with great marketing a constant change and evolution is a must in order for a business to thrive.