Coffee FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To make things easier and quicker for you to proceed with buying your fresh roast coffee online with us, here are some of the frequently asked questions at Coffee Culture. We hope you will find these helpful and should you need any help please feel free to drop us a message on Facebook for faster response. 

Which Coffee?

Which coffee should I try?

If you are wondering which coffee you should buy that would best match your taste preference. Make sure to send us your preference by click here and we will reply you shortly with the recommended house coffee that matches your description. FIND MY COFFEE MATCH 

Can I get coffee samplers?

Yes. We recommend buying Coffee Culture’s coffee sampler kit – also known as coffee tasting kits here

Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes we do. For coffee shops, hotels, offices please do drop us an email here for wholesale prices. 

Coffee Delivery

How long does it take after I place my order?

If coffee is available and ready to be sent to you.

In general it takes 2 – 3 days for our house coffee to arrive to your front door after it is dispatched / sent for other areas in Thailand. And next day delivery for Phuket. 

NOTE: Some of the other roasters may take longer as they may use Thai postage service which could take up to 5 days. 

Is coffee always available to be sent?

Not always. As we pride ourselves and partnered roasters to have freshly roasted coffee, the stock on coffee held is smaller. And so it may not always be available and ready to sent. The maximum wait time for the new roast batch is 2 – 7 days. 

What delivery service do you use?

Coffee Culture House Coffee – J&T for deliveries in Thailand and DHL for International deliveries. Fast & Fresh. 

Other Roasters – it varies from roaster to roaster. 

Can I get an EXPRESS same day delivery?

Unfortunatley not currently. As no courier has this service to offer as of yet (with a guarantee). We have tested and tried and unfortunately there is no guaranteed unless with GRAB / LINE MAN etc. 

Payments Surcharge & Payment Method

Why are there surcharges?

Payment surcharges are added on top as we are not selling high ticket products. Each payment gateway do charge us a gateway fee. And most roasters do not have high profit margins to absorb this extra cost. Direct bank transfer and Cryptopayments are available if you wish to NOT pay the surcharges or other payment gateways. 

Do you accept Cryptocurrencies?

Absolutely! We welcome crypto payments. ^_^