Discover & Taste Different Fresh Roasted Thai Coffee

The best way to find the coffee you love most is by tasting many different coffee types. Don’t you find going through an entire 250 gram bag for the first try a little too much? We do, too. So, we’re introducing you to our Coffee Sample Bags. Select the coffee you would like to try below, and then select a 50 gram sized bag. Remember to add many different coffees! Afterall, you’re already paying for the delivery fee! Check out our coffee tasting kit and other options on the coffee samples below. 

฿60.00฿990.00 VAT
฿70.00฿1,000.00 VAT
฿60.00฿430.00 VAT
฿140.00฿2,320.00 VAT
฿60.00฿1,100.00 VAT
฿100.00฿1,680.00 VAT

Looking For Delicious & Rich Chocolates Produced Locally In Thailand?

We have our very own favorite chocolate which is organically grown, and produced in Thailand. The chocolate is so creamy, rich and really addictive! These are our favorite chocolates hand chosen by tasting and personally enjoying these every weekend.