Decaf Roast Coffee Gift Box

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PREORDER PLEASE (Up to a week wait time)

Decaf Thai Roast Coffee Gift Box – Available in Medium, Dark Roast or Mixed Roast. A great gift for decaf coffee drinkers for any occasion. 

Coffee Culture’s Decaf coffee gift set includes 4 different roasts to enjoy. Each in a lovely 200grams packaging and available as Whole Beans or grounded.

The Decaf Coffee Gift Box Includes:

  • Thai Decaf Coffee – 250grams
  • Brazilian Decaf Coffee Blend – 250grams (A Mix between 30% Thai and 70% Brazilian)
  • Columbian Decaf Coffee Blend – 250grams (A mix between 30% Thai and 70% Columbian)
  • Latina Decaf Coffee Blend – 250grams (A mix between 30% Thai, 40% Brazilian & 30% Columbian) OR Continental Decaf Coffee Blend (A mix between 20% Thai, 40% Brazilian & 40% Columbian)

Receive As:

  • Packed in a box and gift wrapped
  • Personalized Gift Tag

Currently available as a preorder. Not always available on spot.

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