Why You Should Eat Organic Food Produce

Why you should eat organic food - benefits of eating organic

Why You Should Eat Organic Food Produce And What The Are Benefits

This is one of the trickiest questions I have come across, and personally asked as well myself. For years I didn’t quite fully understand the full extent of an organic food until now. Thanks to owning the largest and oldest digital marketing agency in Phuket, I was fortunate to work closely with a health coach here in Phuket. Through out the time of working with him, I came to realise that the regular store produced items are filled with several things that are harmful to our body. Things that we should not be putting into our body. But having said that there are those products who are certified for organic while several other local produces that naturally are organic. So in this blog I wanted to highlight why you should eat organic food when you can, and what the benefits are. 

Before we jump into this blog, there is one thing I want to make sure you know. While eating organic food is definitely the best thing you can do to your body, it doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to break your pocket for it. So before you change your products in your house, find out what you eat most of and change those to organic / locally produced products if possible. 

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog is not nutritious advice, I am not a nutritionist but it is a personal opinion that I want to share especially for parents with young kids or those with personal health issues.


Organic farming is a way that farmers grow and process their agricultural products. Basically it needs to meet the following things in general (I am not talking about environmental impact):  

  • No chemicals / pesticides are used either on the plant or in the soil. For example they would need to use natural fertilizer such as animal poo etc. 
  • If they have livestock then there should not be any hormones injected into their live stock and the food they provide should be natural products.
  • Allowing natural farm animals’ behavior not caged up all day and night.


No organic doesn’t mean the same thing as natural. They are 2 very different things, especially when used for store produce. So usually, when the word “natural” is used on food label, it means that there is no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Buying products that are natural for you or your kids should be a must for a healthy growth and for your own health benefits. It just simply means that you are not putting chemicals your body does not need. 


Remember the saying “you are what you eat” well there is a good reason why they say this. In simple, if you put bad chemicals into your body, you are basically harming your body. But if you are putting quality food, into your body then your overall health will also reflect this. But here are 5 benefits of eating organic food or organic coffee for that matter: 

  1. Organic Produce Contains Fewer To No Pesticides

  2. Organic Food Is Often Fresher 

  3. Organically Raised Animals Are NOT Given Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, Or Fed Animal Byproducts

  4. Organic Meat And Milk Are Richer In Certain Nutrients

  5. Organic Food Is GMO-Free

The Bottom Line Is To Try To Eat Organic As Much As Possible When Possible

People tend to go overboard when it comes to eating organic, and they search for all the certified organic products – which naturally also increases the price. You can really just simply swap out some of the most consumed products such as Coffee, Milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables with organic ones. It’s about the quantity and not perfecting this. Any fewer chemicals put into your body will be beneficial. 

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