Where’s the Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in Phuket?

Where are the Best Places to buy coffee in Phuket - Coffee Culture Thailand

Best Places To Buy Coffee Beans In Phuket

If you’re looking for a satisfying coffee shopping experience, there’s nothing quite like coffee roaster hopping. For many of us we prefer to make our own coffees at the comfort of our home and even at our workplace. It’s that incredibly satisfying moment, when you yourself manage to create from start to finish the PERFECT cup for your taste. And your perfect cup of coffee first starts with buying delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans. Fortunately, Phuket has been considered as one of the most prestigious places for floral and quality roasted coffee beans. So if you are wondering where you can go to buy freshly roasted coffee beans in Phuket then you have come to the right blog. 

We know, it can be quite hard to find the right coffee roaster / coffee store in Phuket, especially if you’re new to Phuket. As a local resident in Phuket for over 15 years, we’ve gathered all the information about all the different places you can buy fresh roasted coffee beans in Phuket. And as always, an important thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s coffee taste preference is different. So while one coffee roaster might be amazing for one person it might be terrible for another. As coffee beans are like food, it is very much dependent on your taste preference. So when coffee roaster hopping in Phuket, make sure to let the barista know what type of coffee you enjoy, some roasters might be able to recommend and accommodate your needs. ? Now that that’s said and reminded, let’s get into coffee roaster hopping in Phuket. 

Where are the best places to buy roasted coffee beans in Phuket? Check these top 10 coffee roasters in Phuket:

1. Coffee Culture Thailand

A One Stop Shop For Roasted Thai Coffee

Coffee Culture Thailand was only recently opened amidst the pandemic in 2020 with only 2 years on hand, it has quickly grow to become Thailand’s largest online coffee store. With over 23 coffee roasters from all around Thailand and over 100 different types of coffees. An all-in-one coffee online coffee marketplace that has you covered when it comes to coffee. Assisting coffee drinkers in selecting the ideal roast that complements their taste preferences and in recommending coffee that works best with their preferred brewing techniques. No matter where you are in Thailand, they aim to provide speedy home delivery service together with polite customer care because they view their customers as their first priority.

Coffee Culture Thailand offers a range of decaffeinated roasted coffee including for individuals who love coffee but can’t tolerate the caffeine. Roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee accessories, coffee machines, organic coffee in Thailand and single origin coffees. All focused around uplift Thai coffee roasters domestically and internationally. If you are looking for blended coffee beans or any other coffee variety, it is now completely possible to have fresh coffee beans delivered to your doorstep. 

For Phuket customers can order online and receive their coffee the next day or even order to pick up. 


2. Coffee Lab Phuket

Boutique Coffee Roaster and Supplier of Coffee Beans

Phuket Coffee Lab, a local coffee roaster in Boat Avenue, Cherngtalay area. This coffee shop is our all time favourite place to go to. All their coffee is brewed from their freshly roasted coffee on site. There’s a large variety of coffee whether you prefer a syphon coffee, a pour over coffee or a regular cup of cappuccino. Aside from the coffee they also offer healthy breakfast and sandwiches as well as mouthwatering desserts and snacks. If you visit Coffee Lab in the mornings you will find that the cafe is packed with regular local expats from the areas nearby. As Danny, the owner of this cafe and coffee roaster is known throughout the entire area. 

The best part about this cafe and coffee roaster in Phuket is that not only do they serve coffee but you can also grab a few bags home, grab some coffee equipments or sign up for a barista course. 

OPENING HOURS: 07:00AM -17:000 PM

GET DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/zkYFCZvTmBWBdFS3A

3. The Shelter Coffee Phuket Town

Aeropress Speciality Coffee Beans & Roasted Thai Coffee Beans In Phuket

The Shelter Coffee In Phuket Town is known locally as one of the best coffee roasters in Phuket. This coffee shop is a true gem. Located on Dibuk Road, they are well known for the innovative brewing methods and a wide select of coffee and their award-winner baristas who are skillful for exceptional and innovative coffee creations. Here you can enjoy everything from drip coffee to a strong cup of espresso, but the must try is their AeroPress coffee brewing method. Which is a difficult and unique technique to brew the coffee by using air pressure, one of the hardest brewing method to find at any coffee shops. What makes this coffee shop extra special is that they roast their coffee on a weekly basis, making them a fantastic coffee store in Phuket. With a large variety of coffee beans to choose from such as Honey processed coffee, imported coffee beans and so much more. 

OPENING HOURS: 07:30 AM- 16:30PM (Closed every Wednesday)

GET DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/GQ7CRu2f4wRdLrJPA

4. RUSH Coffee Romani Phuket Town

Roasted Thai Arabica Coffee Roaster In Phuket

RUSH Coffee roaster in Phuket specializes in roasting Thai Arabica coffee, which is only available their Phuket Old Town branch. Khun Tong, the owner of Rush coffee shop & coffee roaster, works closely with northern Thai coffee growers / farmers. Drop by here to enjoy freshly served espressos and slow bar roasts, together with freshly baked pastries and sweets. This Sino-portugese style coffee shop and coffee roaster is located in the photogenic Soi Rommani, Phuket Town. Which has been open and roasting coffee beans since 2016. So, don’t forget to try a few cups and grab a couple of their fresh roasted coffee beans when you visit the coffee shop in Phuket Town. 

OPENING HOURS: 08:00AM – 17:00 PM

GET DIRECTION: https://g.page/rush-coffee-rommani

5. Asterisk Espresso Phuket

A Specialty Coffee Roaster In Phuket

The Asterisk Espresso Phuket, a fourth-generation coffee roaster, is a brew bar, cafe and coffee roast is located on the first floor of the Bedline Hotel in Phuket Town. Under the brand of Osmosis Coffee, Khun Future would routinely host a number of cupping sessions in southern Thailand. Making Asterik Espresso stand apart from the rest of coffee shops in Phuket as they elevate the specialty coffee scene. Asterisk Espresso continually keeps things interesting with by rotating various types of coffee beans in addition to those they roast themselves. Despite being a small and minimalist coffee shop in Phuket, their coffee roaster is a favorite among both foreign expats and local Thais. So make sure to add this place as a must visit and try coffee roaster in Phuket.


DIRECTION: https://goo.gl/maps/BRC2LHuxWDsHEM3F6

6. Campus Coffee Roaster

4th Runner Up Of International Coffee Roast Master Thailand 2019

Tucked away on Krabi Road in Phuket Old Town is Campus Coffee Roaster, the 4th runner up in the International Coffee Roaster Master of Thailand back in 2019. Not only can you browse and grab a couple bags of fresh roasted coffee you can also taste them right there on spot. They also offer quick and simple dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, desserts, and locally produced snacks. The perfect spot to unwind or finish some work while enjoying a cup of coffee. But make sure not to go here on the weekends as the parking spot is almost impossible to find and they are absolutely packed!

OPENING HOURS: 08:00 AM – 18:00PM

GET DIRECTION: https://g.page/campuscoffeeroasters

7. Hock Hoe Lee Coffee Roaster In Phuket

Phuket’s Oldest & One Of The First Coffee Roasters To Open In 1958!

Phuket’s original coffee roaster since 1958! Back in the day Hock Hoe Lee was opened to serve the tin miners working in Phuket, as there was not much else on offer. But as the word of their miraculous coffee bean spread, Phuket residents began to savor their fresh roasted coffee as well. Hock Hoe Lee became a powerful coffee company in both business and coffee roasting. Today they roast a wide range of quality coffee beans and is one of the largest coffee bean supplier to many of Phuket’s hotels. 


GET DIRECTIONS: https://g.page/hockhoelee

8. Strike Coffee Roaster

The Real Phuket Gourmet Roaster

Coffee aficionados in Phuket must visit Strike Coffee Roaster, where brewing coffee is a serious business. ^_^ Here they mostly use premium coffee beans from around Thailand and blend them with beans from other countries to create a brand new characteristics and taste notes. The Strike Coffee Roaster is located in two historic retail buildings that were once a pharmacy and so providing a lot of selfie spots. 


GET DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/vSb2uJsLPCCx3pUr6

9. Phuket Roastery

The Authentic Phuket Roastery

Phuket Roaster uses a complicated roasting process to ensure that their roasted coffees are of the highest quality. The green coffee beans are carefully selected from local Thai farmers’ all around Thailand. By combining all of the processes together and by setting a proper procedure, Phuket Roastery offers authentic and quality coffee beans. Here you can find both specialty and commercial coffee beans. Everything from single origin coffee beans to imported coffee from some of the world’s best green bean suppliers.

OPENING HOURS: Always open

GET DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/Sa55F3LeSWpMuLWr7

10. First Crack Coffee Roaster

High Quality Coffee Beans Roastery

If you live in the Kathu area and looking for a place to buy some freshly roasted coffee beans then you need to drop by to First Crack Coffee Roaster. The First Crack Coffee Roaster specializes in single origin coffee beans from all around the world. Some of the coffee varieties includes: Natural Anaerobic coffee from Chiang Mai, light roasted rwanda kamonti bourbon coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffee and so much more. 


GET DIRECTIONS: https://goo.gl/maps/n6cgpYYb3tsY7nc29

Coffee Roasters In Phuket – is constantly on a rise.

The dedication to provide high-quality coffee and coffee beans is at the core of many of Phuket’s emerging cafe scene. Competition is getting fiercer and fierce on the island, particularly now that coffee culture has cemented its presence. While there are plenty of Instagram-worthy cafés and coffee shops, for true coffee enthusiasts, there are only a handful of them (today) that freshly roast their own coffees. We are constantly adding into this directory of coffee roasters in Phuket so if there is any that we have missed out please do leave a comment with their name below. And we will be sure to add them in.

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