Top Online Coffee Classes for Making Coffee For Beginners to Barista

Best Online Coffee Classes For Beginners Or Baristas

Top Online Coffee Classes To Learn To Make Coffee

Ever wanted to learn more about how to adjust your coffee? How to make a creamy cup of coffee? Or adjust your coffee to have the taste notes you like? Or hone your skills as a barista so you can master the coffee arts of those amazing baristas around the world? It all comes down to learning, practising, failing, and trying again until you master it. And it can be easily done by finding the RIGHT coffee classes for your needs. So, whether you are a coffee drinker who wants to learn to make coffee by yourself at home, or a barista who wants to improve some skills, we have compiled a list of the best online classes teaching how to make coffee for beginners as well as the top 5 online barista courses.

For some people, like myself, we just want an easy to access and easy to understand professional coffee class. I’ve realized over the years that one of the best ways to find a variety of different types of coffee courses is through online academies and professional channels. Whether you’re a newbie looking to understand how to make a delicious coffee at home with the coffee makers you have, or someone who is looking to open up a coffee stall or cafe and in need of a barista course, there are new skills to master. The online academies and professional channels have coffee courses for everyone’s needs. So, which are the best online coffee courses for beginners and top online courses for baristas? We have selected the Top 5 for each category.

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Do note that all the classes below are facilitated in English.

So which are the best online classes for coffee making for beginners? Here are our recommended top 5 online courses to learn to make coffee for beginners.

1. Become a Coffee Expert: How to Make the Perfect Cup

This course “Become a Coffee Expert: How to Make the Perfect Cup” is on Udemy. The coffee class is led by Richard Hardwich, a coffee export, teaching you a brief history of coffee, why you should be grinding coffee and how to brew the perfect cup. This coffee course will help you understand how coffee beans are, so you can make a better cup of coffee for YOU. They also cover how to use new techniques and understand the different grades of grind work.This course is for anyone interested in coffee and wanting to learn more about coffee origins, coffee beans and how to make a perfect cup of coffee for you. See here:

2. Online Courses for the Coffee Industry By Boost Coffee Campus

Take your coffee skills to the next level with a variety of online courses for the coffee industry held by Boost Coffee Campus. Boost Coffee Campus provides a variety of interesting courses such as Certified Coffee Training, Online Coffee Training, as well as coffee consultancy and one on one coaching. If you’re looking to be introduced into the world of specialty coffee, these online courses will elevate your knowledge and give you valuable skills for working in the coffee industry.

More about Boost Coffee Campus’s Coffee Courses:

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3. Ultimate Home Bartending Masterclass For Everyone by Phillip Dillow

An engaging bartending masterclass course by Phillip Dillow held on Udemy. This is the ultimate home bartending class, providing a really exciting bartending introduction to making cocktails, soda, coffee and tea. The best part about this course is that you can be a newbie and take this step by step course, and highlights include a different base or skill allowing you to learn to make cocktails, soda, coffee and tea one piece at a time. This online masterclass is perfect for those looking to gain more knowledge about making cocktails, soda, coffee and tea.

See prices and more information:

4. From Coffee Plant to Your Coffee Cup by Karen Attman

Karen Attman is the creator of the online school called the Latin American Coffee Academy. She teaches about how coffee is grown and processed, taking you on a journey to understand everything about coffee from seed to the cup. Learn about where different coffees are grown, how good coffee is grown and how coffee is processed and the different processes available. Discover the different species and varieties of coffee and why those factors actually change the taste of your coffee. This course is for anyone who loves coffee or has an interest in opening a coffee shop or a coffee roaster.

Learn more about Thai coffee courses:

5. Become Great with Coffee | From Beginner to Barista by World of Latte Art

This unique course from Udemy focuses on the beginstages of coffee, different brewing methods and the World of Latte Art. This course teaches a better understanding of the different ways of making a good cup of coffee, a deeper insight into the world of coffee and latte art, and tips on making beautiful pieces of latte art with little effort. This course also gives access to a contact address to the baristas from World of Latte Art for personal guidance. If you’d like to take this course, you should have access to an Aeropress, bialetti or some of the other brewing setups so you can practice by yourself.

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Learn To Drip Coffee With Online Courses
Learn To Make Coffee Online With The Best Online Courses
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And if you are looking to become a barista or wanting to learn new barista skills then here are our recommended top 5 Barista Course classes available online.

1. Barista Education By Barista Hustle

Helping the world to make better coffee with their team of baristas, educators and product designers. Barista Hustle offers FREE and subscription-based online coffee classes. Their 14 online barista courses offer premium classes and tuition to become a coffee barista.

Check out the courses from Barista Education here: 

2. BootCamp Coffee: Online Learning for Coffee Professionals

Do you consider yourself a coffee aficionado or an aspiring coffee professional? If yes, BootCamp Coffee is the perfect place for you. The online courses include practical instructions on cupping, roasting, quality at origin and much more. Willem Boot, Jodi Dowell, Daniel Humphries and other guest trainers share their unique expertise through online courses. All the courses offer comprehensive resources for the beginner to advanced barista.

Take advantage of online learning for coffee professionals:

Coffee Bean Tree

3. Barista One

Barista One offers an online course & certification that guides coffee newcomers to a professional standard in just twenty hours. The espresso course and certification teaches you everything you need to know to work effectively as a barista. The course & certification features over 40 videos and 50 individual online lessons taught by Matt Perger, a world champion barista.

Get certified to become a barista:

4. Advanced Coffee Making Course & Certification by Barista Hustle

The Advanced Coffee Making Course & Certification by Barista Hustle is geared towards coffee professionals or home baristas looking to enhance and improve their skills. The course features 77 individual lessons and 25 in-depth video explanations that walk you through what it takes to manage quality behind the bar. Each chapter of the course is followed by a short, challenging comprehension test which results in a certification.

Sign up for this course: 

5. Online Barista Training

A comprehensive coffee education platform, Online Barista Training delivers practical information, videos and exams. The platform endeavors to make specialty coffee education easy and efficient for individual baristas and coffee shop owners. Online Barista Training will help you build a solid foundation, grow your knowledge and become an outstanding, certified barista.

Train to become a barista online:

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