Coffee Culture Thailand – The Story behind us & our inspiration

Coffee Culture Thailand - Our Story & Inspiration

“I want to help local Thai people, who are doing what they love most. To give their coffee product the chance to survive by giving them the awareness needed for potential customers to buy them. Business owners should focus on developing their business to reach the goals and dreams they have.” – Susan Borvornpotsakul Founder of Coffee Culture Thailand

Coffee is an elixir. It brightens our mornings, inspires our creativity, and drives us to work hard. Coffee never lets us down. There’s a legend that says the goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered the potency of these fantastic beans. Kaldi found coffee after he noticed that his goats became so energetic after eating certain berries that they didn’t sleep at night! After the discovery of coffee, the world exploded with enthusiasm. And just like that, the world’s second most tradeable and valuable commodity was born!

Why Coffee Culture?

I decided to create Coffee Culture as a platform to find our favorite coffee beans and blends from all of the available coffee roasters in Thailand. Where you wouldn’t be bound by just the coffee beans that were chosen for us by supermarkets. A place where you can enjoy the convenience of searching for coffee and buy roast coffee all in one place with the home delivery service no matter where you are in Thailand. 


Kopi Luwak coffee Blue Gold , Nakornpanom,Thailand


Doi Chaang Coffee Original , Chiang-rai Thailand

Phutham Coffee , Loei , Thailand

Coffee Culture is a platform where local coffee roasters can focus on developing their coffee. A place where they can give their crafted coffee products a chance to survive, to be discovered, and to be tasted.

I’m half Thai and half Finnish, but I was born and raised in Thailand. It was easy for me to see the difficulties that Thais were facing in marketing their businesses. Especially because so many are still using old-school methods. There are a ton of great coffee roasters in Thailand, but they have yet to be discovered. As a coffee lover, I wanted to help bridge this gap between coffee roasters and coffee lovers in Thailand.

My aim is simple, to be a platform for:

  • Coffee roasters to sell their coffee products online
  • An online marketplace/shop for coffee beans and blends for Thailand. 
  • An online community of Coffee lovers around Thailand
  • A place where you can rate, store your favorite coffee beans and blends.
  • Where Baristas in Thailand can share their coffee knowledge.
  • Where everyone can share coffee recipes and learn to make it themselves at home.
  • To be a place where people can learn about Thailand’s coffee roasters. 

Come and join us on the coffee culture trip around Thailand.

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