The 9 Best Decaf Coffee You Don’t Want To Miss


What Are The 9 Best Decaf Coffee Available Online?

Strong and Flavorful Decaf Coffee – Coffee Without the Caffeine Rush

Here are some of the best decaf coffees from around the world that you will want to try. Please bear in mind that every coffee drinker has different taste preferences, so we have listed a great variety for you to hunt down and try. Do let us know what you think are the best-decaffenaited coffees available here in Thailand … we’d love to hear from you.

Many coffee lovers rely on decaffeinated coffee for their daily fill, whether it’s due to health reasons or a case of avoiding the late-night jitters. You may not get boosted energy or alertness, but it sure does contain nearly the same amount of antioxidants. It’s a great transitional drink for those hoping to go off of caffeine for good. Despite the name, they typically have small amounts of caffeine, so switching to it doesn’t mean you are giving up caffeine completely.

One challenge with decaffeinated coffee is that it’s often difficult to find a cup that tastes like real, standard coffee. This is because the decaffeination process takes certain key flavors out of the coffee beans. However, we’ve rounded up our favorite options below.

No more guesswork as to where to find a good cup of decaf, or worrying about a weak cup of joe. So let’s dive in to see which are the best decaf coffees available online.

Best Decaf Coffee In General

Kicking Horse Decaf Dark Roast Coffee at Amazon

A dark roast decaf with a rich, robust flavor.

Brazilian Decaf Blend

A blend of Coffee Culture’s Thai Swiss water process decaf with Brazilian Santos.

Best Organic Decaf Coffee

Jo Coffee No Fun Jo Decaf at Amazon

A free trade certified organic decaf with a wonderful, complex flavor.

Thai Decaf Coffee

A swiss water process decaf coffee farmed and roasted in Thailand. Available as whole decaf beans, cold brew ground, french press ground, drip ground or fine grind.

Best & Great Value Decaffeinated Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend at Amazon

A well-balanced medium roast coffee that’s as affordable as it is delicious.

Colombian Decaf Blend

A mixed decaf blend of Thai and Colombian decaf beans.

Best & High Quality Decaiffenated Coffee

Volcanica Coffee Company House Decaf at Amazon

Delicious decaf created from the high elevations and mineral-rich soil of volcanic mountains.

Colombian Excelso Decaf Blend

A mixed decaf blend of Thai Swiss water processed and Columbian Excelso (This unique non-chemical decaffeination process uses the clear pure waters from the highest mountain in Mexico) coffee beans.

Best Decaf Coffee Pods

The Original Donut Shop Decaf Medium Roast K-Cup Pods at Amazon

Extra bold decaf pods with a flavor similar to regular coffee.

Decaf Light Roast Coffee To Try

Cafe Don Pablo Light Roast Decaf at Amazon

A sumptuous light roast with a smooth finish, rich flavor notes and low acidity.

Smooth Medium Roasted Decaffeinated Coffee

Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf at Amazon

A smooth, robust Colombian-sourced coffee.

Delicious Dark Roast & Decaf

Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend at Amazon

A popular dark roast decaffeinated coffee with full flavor.

Latina Decaf Coffee Blend

Bringing together 2 latin countries and Thai coffee together as one. A mixed blend of Thai Swiss water processed with Brazilian Santos and Colombian Excelso.

What to Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeination Method

Not all decaffeinated coffee is processed the same way. There are so many different decaffeination processes, each giving a slight difference in the taste of the coffee brewed. Perhaps the most common method is water processing (often referred to as Swiss-water decaf).

One of the latest methods is the CO2 process, where liquid carbon dioxide is pressurized into the coffee beans. There’s no way for us to tell you which is the best process as everyone has different taste preferences. So when you do find one, it would be good to check which process your coffee was processed in and stick to this type.

Coffee Tasting Notes

The best way to find the right coffee for you is to find out which type of roast you like as well as the taste notes of the coffee. This will help narrow down the coffee options and you’ll be able to find your new favourite.

Unfortunately, in Thailand, the decaffeination process is still quite new to most local farmers and roasters. Therefore making it really hard to find decaffeinated coffee beans in Thailand. You’ll find that the only available products are mostly imported and often out of stock. Not to mention how limited your options are in terms of different types and tastes to try out.

Coffee Culture Asia is proud to have a variety of decaffeinated coffee available in our online marketplace. Take a look here to find one that suits you:

Have you found a good decaffeinated coffee in Thailand from a local supplier? Please let us know in the comments below.

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