Thai Coffee Taste Review By Willard


Thai Coffee Taste Reviewed By Willard’s Coffee Culture Journey In Thailand

Thank you so much Willard for your continuous support for our Thai coffee project – Coffee Culture Thailand. Willard has been a supporter of Coffee Culture Thailand since February 2022. The most interesting thing is that he found the Thai coffee he enjoyed most on his first order and since has been purchasing this regularly. Thank you so much Willard for your continuous support and purchases. ^_^

Willard lives in Bangkok and used to drink Starbucks’ French Roast Coffee. Until one day he found Coffee Culture Thailand. While being a fan of Starbucks coffee, Willard saw an ad about Coffee Culture on the internet while searching for coffee. He decided to try out the French Dark Roast Coffee – The Godfather. Willard’s discovery of The Godfather Coffee from Coffee Culture Thailand led him to finding his coffee soulmate and he never looked back ever since. What he liked most about this coffee is its delicious Thai coffee taste and high quality coffee beans. Furthermore, in comparison to the other coffees that Willard used to drink, from Amazon Coffee to San Francisco Peet’s Coffee, where he originally from, to Starbucks Coffee, The Godfather Thai Coffee became his favorite coffee so far.

Thank you very much for your coffee review! See below Willard’s Thai Coffee Taste video review as he tells the story of his coffee journey in Thailand.

Hello, my name is Willard and I live in Bangkok and I love coffee. 

And I’m just going to answer some questions about how I feel about the coffee from Coffee Culture, which is a company that roasts and sell Thai coffee beans right here in Thailand.

So the first question they have is what coffee brand was I drinking before I drank Coffee Culture?

I like dark roast coffee, so I was going to Starbucks and buying their French Roast Coffee, and it was pretty expensive, but it seemed to have a good taste. But then I saw the advertisement for Coffee Culture on the web and tried The Godfather Coffee, their Thai French Roast coffee. And the taste was more robust and stronger than Starbucks’ Coffee, so I decided to keep drinking The Godfather.

And how did you find out about Coffee Culture?

As I said, I saw an advertisement of Coffee Culture on the Internet and I couldn’t believe it that they had so many offerings and that they all came from Thailand. And although at first I had some reservations, but after I tried it, I was completely sold on the quality and the taste of their Thai coffee.

the godfather french roast thai coffee by coffee culture thailand
Peet's french roast coffee
Starbucks French Roast Coffee - Coffee Culture Thailand - A Thai Coffee Taste Review By Willard

What is your favorite coffee from Coffee Culture?

Well, I have to admit, I have been buying the Godfather French roast.
I think the French Roast has a nutty, strong flavor to it, leaves a beautiful aftertaste in your mouth, and it’s just a very smooth and rich and very tasty coffee. It’s really good. I really like it a lot.

How does it compare with previous coffee brands?

Well, I am from San Francisco, so I have been drinking Peet’s Coffee, which is too strong. I’ve also tried other coffees like Amazon Coffee and so many other coffee roasters, but I have to say that the Godfather French roast coffee with coffee culture is by far the best tasting coffee. 

I drink it every morning and I will continue to do drink it every morning. It’s just a really fine coffee.

And let’s see, number five, what would you recommend?

I definitely recommend coffee culture to any coffee lover. Not only do they have French roasts, but they have many other blends, Italian Roast Espresso that I’m trying and I liking very much. But for some reason I always gravitate towards the dark roast with the French labeling French roast coffee, which I like very much. 

And so that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. I’m very happy with that. Coffee culture is in Thailand and they’re producing such good coffee.

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