Get Your Coffee Fix During Quarantine In Thailand With Express Coffee Delivery


Enjoy Fresh, Aromatic & Delicious Thai Coffee

During your 2 weeks quarantine period in Thailand

It was our daily ritual; to wake up, thinking about grabbing our favourite cup of coffee either at home or from our favourite barista. But with the 2 weeks quarantine requirements in Thailand, you have no choice but to drink the coffee your Quarantine hotel/resorts provide. This is the reason we crafted up the Quarrantine coffee supply kits and express delivery no matter where you are quarantining at in Thailand.

No coffee maker in your hotel room?

Majority of Thailand’s hotels do not provide any sort of coffee machine in the room aside from those instant coffee packets. Which is why we have created two of the easiest ways and value for the money quarantine coffee boxes for you to easily select from. Now you can make your own fresh cup of coffee in your own quarantine hotel room. 

French press kit Basic Pour Over kit

Need urgent coffee delivery?

Looking to buy fresh roasted coffee which is also locally produced in Thailand? And provides express delivery throughout Thailand? Then our Quarantine Coffee Supply box is your answer. In the coffee box you will enjoy a next day delivery (for orders placed before 3pm), select between 2 or 4 packages of 250grams of coffee, and a coffee measuring spoon. Select your roast level and whether you would like to receive as whole beans or pregrounded.

See our coffe kit

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