An Artist Series Coffee Mugs by Ferenc Nyiro Gift Set

฿960.00฿2,800.00 VAT

We’re really excited to have this opportunity to work with Phuket’s very own local ex-pat artist, Ferenc Nyiro, with the first and definitely not the last, Artist Series Coffee Mugs. Inspired by living in the moment, bringing awareness to the present moment, and constantly striving to find positive energy in the mundane, the Wtf Mugs are the perfect coffee mug to fill to the brim with delicious coffee blends locally farmed and roasted in Thailand. 

As you wrap your hands around your mug and sip your coffee, take a moment to breathe in and be grateful for the many things in your life that are often overlooked. Manifest the positive energy that was used in creating these coffee mugs.

Start the year right with positivity in your mornings.

Earn up to 28 points.

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