Natural Process Single Origin Coffee Bo Kaew By 49 Specialty

฿220.00฿1,700.00 VAT

REGION: Samoeng, Chiang Mai

PROCESS: Natural LTLH Process

This Single Origin natural process coffee from 49 specialty coffee is a Thai specialty coffee sourced from a coffee plantation in Bo Kaew, Samoeng, Chaing Mai, just above 1,400 meters from the sea level. Medium Light roasted to bring out the floral, strawberry jam, candy and crackers taste notes. A balance body coffee with a sweet aftertaste. Great for both hot and cold coffee beverages.

TASTE NOTES: Floral, Strawberry Jam, Candy, Crackers, Balance, sweet aftertaste

ROAST LEVEL: Medium – Light Roast (For Filter/Espresso)

Earn up to 17 points.

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