Nanopresso – Portable Espresso Machine

฿2,990.00 VAT

Introducing the Nanopresso – your portable espresso machine, your ultimate travel companion for espresso lovers on the go! Crafted for convenience and quality, this portable espresso machine is available in sleek black or vibrant red, ensuring you make a bold statement wherever you brew. With its innovative design and powerful extraction capabilities, the Nanopresso allows you to enjoy rich, flavorful espresso anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or exploring urban landscapes, satisfy your espresso cravings with the Nanopresso.

COLOUR: Black or Red

BRAND: Wacaco


  • Coffee Tasting Kit – 3 Different Coffees To Taste In Small Packs Of 50grams
  • Nanopresso
  • Built It Espresso Cup
  • Filter Basket
  • Scoop
  • Brush
  • Multi Language Instruction Book
  • Warranty Card

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