Coffee Tasting Set

฿250.00฿550.00 VAT

Taste different types of coffee beans or preground with our coffee tasting set. Enjoy 3 different coffee types each in small packages of 50 grams each (enough to make 2-3 cups of double shot coffee). Simply select your taste preference, and coffee type to receive in.


  • Light Roast – 3 different types of light roasted coffee:
    • Exotic Blend
    • Continental Blend
    • Peaberry
  • Budget & Value – select your preferred roast level of our value for the money coffee:
    • Arabica 100%
    • Doi Saket
    • Premium Arabica
  • Smooth Coffee – Medium roasted coffee, full-body yet smooth coffee
    • Khun Chang Khian
    • Nutty Lover
    • Cacao Blend
  • Full Body (Non Sour) – Medium / Dark roasted coffee with no sour tone:
    • Continental Blend
    • Doi Chang Peaberry
    • BOOST!
  • Espresso Dark – Dark roasted coffee for espresso lovers
    • Espresso Blend
    • Italian Roast
    • French Roast
  • Coffee Processes – discover the 3 different types of coffee processes:
    • Honey Processed Pang Khon
    • Dry Processed Doi Saket
    • Wash Processed Premium Arabica
Earn up to 6 points.

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