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petra's coffee journal with coffee culture thailand

Thank you Petra for this coffee video review for our fresh roast coffees ^_^. Petra lives in Pai which is located in the northern part of Thailand. It’s a popular place for hill tribes, chilled vibes, cool weather and arabica coffee plantations. Petra has been a customer at Coffee Culture since November 26th 2021 when discovering us on The Thaiger’s Good Morning Thailand Show. It’s been almost a year since ^_^. So let’s jump in and see what Petra thinks of our coffee store, coffee and whether she would recommend these Thai coffees to others.

Thank you so much Petra for the continuous support on the different Thai coffees.

Hi, my name is Petra and I live in Pai. So before I was drinking the tribal coffee from the hills around here and I learned about the Coffee Culture from The Thaiger – Good Morning Thailand. Yeah, they made it look so wonderful that I just couldn’t wait to order. My favorite coffee was the Chiang Rai Blend by Alexta. And I also enjoy the Brazilian Kick very much. And it was different from the previous coffee because it was very delicate. Like, it didn’t have those spikes of sourness or bitterness that my previous coffee had. And so it was really smooth and delicate. So that’s why I started to enjoy the Coffee Culture. And yes, I would definitely recommend coffee culture to anybody who loves coffee. It is just such a wonderful variety and I think everybody can find what they love there.

OK, thanks. Bye.

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