Organic Coffee In Thailand – 20 Organic Coffee Brands

20 Organic Coffee Brands In Thailand & A List Of 2022 Best Organic Coffees

Attention, attention coffee lovers! We have an exciting read for you to enjoy during your cup of coffee this morning. And it’s about why one would choose to drink organic coffee, which are the available organic coffee brands and which are 2022’s best organic coffee in Thailand.

As you might be aware, more of us are becoming more aware and mindful about our health and what we put into our bodies. We are spending more time understanding why we would consider eating organic produce, what the benefits are and how does it make a difference in our health. Whole food isn’t just a trend. So why would one turn to buying organic food instead? Well we’re not going to go in depth about it here, instead will just summarize it in a few sentences. Organic food are grown without any chemicals being used on them, which means we won’t be putting these chemicals / toxins into our body. And because of that there is no harmful effects in our health nor body. If you want to find out more check out this blog about “Why you should eat organic food produce and what the benefits are”. 

When it comes to organic coffee, not only is it a healthier alternative but it also encourages sustainability. Coffee farmers who produce organic coffee will use organic matter to fertilize plants instead of intoxicating them with chemicals. This way the coffee grows in a natural way, like it, would if it were found in the wild. They also promote sustainability as these plants aren’t planted in a clear field in a row, instead, they are placed here and there under the canopy of the trees in the forest. So now that that’s covered let’s take a look at some of the organic coffee brands in Thailand and which are 2022’s best organic coffee in Thailand.

Organic Coffee Brands In Thailand

Because everyone’s taste preference is different (just like it is in food) and so what one coffee might be voted as the best in the country might be the worst coffee another person might have ever tasted. We believe that the only way to truly find a coffee you enjoy most is to try as many as possible. With that being said, we wanted to make it easier for you to source the organic coffee brands available throughout Thailand.

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So let’s check out which are the 13 certified organic coffee brands in Thailand you can find and buy in Thailand. But please note that these are not in any particular order. 

    1. Alexta Coffee Roaster Chiang Rai
    2. 49 Specialty Coffee Roaster
    3. Suan Lahu Coffee 
    4. Minava Organic Coffee
    5. Doi Pui Coffee
    6. Sarnies Coffee – Thailand 
    7. Panich Coffee And Roaster – Specialty Robusta Coffee
    8. Doi Pumuen Coffee 
    9. Nana Coffee Roaster – Moonstone – Thai Specialty Coffee
    10. SOD Coffee 
    11. Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee
    12. Left Hand Roasters
    13. Brave Coffee Roaster

For those who don’t mind the organic coffee not being officially certified you should check out our 3rd best-selling coffee – Organic Doi Mod, grown under the shades of the forest up in Doi Mod, harvested by the local lahu hill tribes and roasted by them. Our doi mod coffee not only supports the local hill tribe but also a coffee for food for kids campaign.

2022 Top 3 Award Winning Organic Coffee In Thailand

Without further ado, let’s check out which are the 2022’s best organic coffee in Thailand. Those that have been recently awarded at the Thailand Specialty Coffee Awards 2022

  1. Sopa’s Estate – 1st place for washed process coffee at Thailand’s Specialty Coffee Awards 2022
  2. Phu Pha Coffee Estate – 10th place for Robusta and honey processed arabica coffee at Thailand’s Specialty Coffee Awards 2022
  3. Klohaki Coffee Roaster – 6th place for washed process coffee at Thailand’s Specialty Coffee Awards 2022

I hope you found this blog fun to read and gave you all the information you were looking for about organic coffee in Thailand. And since you are interested in the best organic coffee make sure to check out Thailand’s best coffee beans in 2022. Or if you want to check out Thailand’s best coffee roasters then you won’t want to miss out on this blog.

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