How To Make Fresh Coffee For Newbies – In Simple A Beginner’s Guide

Which coffee maker should I buy? What type of coffee should I drink?

Wondering what coffee maker or coffee machine you should buy if you are a newbie / beginner in drinking coffee? Let’s dive into our beginner’s guide on how to make fresh coffee for newbies.

The answer is there is no single right answer.

Because first of all it comes down to two things really; Are you a newbie in drinking coffee entirely? Or are you a newbie in making fresh coffee at home?

If you are a newbie in drinking coffee entirely then the best coffee maker for you would be the French Press coffee maker. Because it is a coffee maker which suits all taste styles to really discover what you like rather than blasting you with that hefty strong cup of coffee. It provides a balance between both world and you will be able to adjust from here to the style you really like.

However if the answer is that you are a newbie and a beginner at making fresh coffee at home then this really depends on the style of coffee you like. Everyone has their own preference and taste. So there is no one right answer. So let’s get started and learn how to make fresh coffee!

Different Ways To Make Fresh Coffee For Newbies

1. Moka Pot Coffee Maker


The Moka Pot coffee is great for those who love a cup of concentrated strong coffee, like espresso or coffee drinks from coffee shops, but don’t want to invest in a coffee machine just yet, this is your best alternative. 

Best ground coffee for the Moka Pot Stove top would be a little finer than the drip ground coffees and coarser than the espresso fine ground coffees. Make sure to let your coffee suppliers know that you need a Moka Pot Ground Coffee.


Price starting from: 400 baht


What you need:

2. French Press Coffee


French Press coffee makers are GREAT for instant coffee drinkers moving to fresh coffee. It is also well applicable for deeply flavorful but not bitter coffee, like americano. The french press coffee maker is an easy to use coffee maker and doesn’t require several different equipment. In fact it can even be used to make cold brew coffee, frothing milk and tea if you really really really insist. >.< French Press coffee is a delicious fresh cup of coffee brewed within a few minutes!


Price starting from: 300 baht


What you need:

3. Pour Over / Drip Coffee


Pour Over or Drip is a famous and trending coffee making method for several coffee drinkers. It is famous for its rich coffee flavours to truly discover the characteristic of that specific coffee bean / blend. The only disadvantage of this method is that you will need various kinds of equipment. Coffee that is brewed from the pour over is a much smoother coffee with authentic tastes that coffee lovers should not miss! This coffee method allows you to adjust how coarse or fine you prefer your coffee to be in order to get the right taste that you like. 


Price starting from: 680 baht


What you need:

4. Regular Coffee Maker


If you are time sensitive and living in the big city where time is of the essence and convenience is utmost important. Then the single-serve coffee maker is perfect. Especially convenient for offices as 1 pot of coffee can make up to 10 – 12 cups of coffee in a single round! All you need is pre ground coffee the fresher the better!


Price starting from: 800 baht


What you need:

5. Espresso Machines


If you like shots of espresso or specialty coffee drinks like cappuccinos then the espresso machine would be the best option for you. With the espresso coffee machines your options are endlesss, whether you want a nice creamy cup of Cappuccino, a delicious coffee dessert such as Affogatos or a simple cup of espresso. Check out here for fresh roasted coffees for espresso coffee machines.


Price starting from: 2,500 baht


What you need:

  • Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Tamper
  • Fine Ground Coffee

6. Capsule Coffee Machines


A coffee pod machine / capsule coffee machines are great if you want your coffee ready quickly, conveniently, delicious and strong without all the mess. With the capsule coffee makers you simply load in the pod, press start and out comes your strong cup of coffee. Unlike the espresso coffee machines, where you need to go through a few steps as well as learn how to use them to really make a delicious cup of the simple espresso. Make sure to buy fine ground coffee for your refillable coffee capsules.


Price starting from: 1,900 baht


What you need:

As the innovation in coffee makers continues to create new ways for making a delicious cup of coffee, we will continue to update this blog “How To Make Fresh Coffee For Newbies” with more options. In the meantime do let us know which was your first coffee maker in the comments below and how your expereince was?

Happy Brewing!

Susan Borvornpotsakul

P.S. If you have any question or querie just hit the chat button and ask our team of coffee lovers for some suggestions and recommendations on coffee makers and coffee beans that would match your taste preference and even budget.

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