Gift Ideas For Coffee Drinkers In Thailand

10. Coffee Tumblers

Coffee lovers like to begin their day with a hot coffee. A coffee tumbler is a great gift for your coffee lover who is always on the go. It’s a personalized gift that lets the coffee lover in your life take their coffee anywhere, and a sweet reminder of how much you care!

9. Coffee Clothing Pin

Fashionable coffee lovers will love a cool coffee clothing pin to spruce up their wardrobe or use as a fashion accessory. A coffee clothing pin is a sweet, thoughtful gift for the coffee lover in your life who likes to accessorize.

8. Coffee Subscription

The perfect personalized coffee gift. Gift coffee subscriptions grant access to all fresh-roasted coffee options. It is personalized as they can select the coffee they want to get themselves. A gift that lets them enjoy different coffees with automatic scheduled deliveries so they will never run out of coffee again. And trust us this is a big deal! Could you imagine a kitchen with no coffee in the cupboards? All hell will break loose.

7. Coffee Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a convenient and useful substitute for cash when you want to give a gift to someone else. Physical gift cards can be used in stores or online, while digital gift cards are designed to be used online or over the phone. It gives them the room to really buy what they want or need themselves.

6. Full Kit Coffee Gift Box

Delight your favorite coffee lover with the gift of coffee equipment! Coffee lovers take their coffee very seriously, so what better way to entice them to grind and blend the coffee they love their way – either at home or at the office?

  1. Moka Pot Gas Stove Coffee Gift Box
  2. Chemex Full Kit Gift Box
  3. Le Classica French Press Coffee Gift Box

5. Coffee Gift Boxes

Coffee Gift Boxes are perfect for those who drink coffee every day and are interested in sampling different beans and blends. It’s like giving them a world of coffee to discover!

  1. Decaf Coffee Gift Box
  2. Coffee Lover Gift Box
  3. Coffee Culture Gift Box
  4. Get Me Caffeinated Gift Box

4. Coffee scented Candles & Coffee Scrub

A balanced, scented candle can do wonders for your mood, bringing back joyful memories or awakening a sense of calm in the mind. Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh brewed coffee, so why not bring the smell of a coffee shop into their home with coffee scented candles?

3. Coffee Mugs

If you are looking for a little something special and personalized then a coffee mug might just be your answer. It’s a morning hug. 60% of people say that they have an emotional connection to their mug. And another 40% say that they considered their mug to be irreplaceable so if it broke they would be devastated.

2. Coffee Machines

A coffee machine is no doubt the BEST GIFT you can give to a coffee drinker. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy a fresh delicious cup of coffee at their own convenience at home or office. So no more morning rush to grab a coffee before work unless you really want to. Our recommendations on brands in Thailand: Budget & Value For Money – Minimex, Quality 1 Time Infestment – De Longhi.

1. Coffee Grinders

A coffee grinder is the perfect gift for any coffee drinker. Coffee grinders are a great splurge for someone who has yet to consider buying one of their own. A great grinder will transform their coffee experience from the inside out and it will be more flavorful and delicious.

In the spirit of spreading the love of coffee to others we hope the above was helpful and that you have found the perfect gift for your friend or family. Drop us a message on Facebook or drop us an email if you need help picking a gift.

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