Coffee Sampler Box – Thailand Coffee Journal By Richard MC

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Coffee Culture’s Coffee Sampler Box – A Coffee Journal By Richard MC

I like to be methodical, especially with my coffee. So I ‘d like to share what I came up with my experience with Coffee Culture’s Sampler Box. Thank you for the experience. At least I know what I will order or not order. Personally after trying out the first 6 coffee samplers that were recommended for my coffee preference, the Thai Arabica 100% and Coffee Culture’s House Espresso Coffee will be my go to blends.

DISCLAIMER: While we do share customers’ experience and coffee journal we also want you to bare in mind that EVERYONE’S coffee taste preferences is different. While one might like XXX coffee the other might hate it and vice versa.

My Coffee Journal – Richard MC
Method of brewing coffee – Regular Drip Coffee Maker

June 4th

Rated 9.5 out of possible 10 points, this is subject to change as other types are tested and rated. This rating may be too low.

Used 6-scoops for 7-cups of water, which equals two+ full mugs of coffee.

Strong and robust, but not a killer. Very smooth flavor, no bitterness, etc. Just a very strong, smooth, delightful cup of coffee. Wonderful aroma from pouch and pot.

June 5th

Rated 7

Used 4-scoops with 7-cups of water to see if strength is still there, like with the Arabica 100% A+.

Less strong than the Arabica, but then, I only used 4-scoops (in the future all tests will use 6-scoops to keep the comparison fair and baseline the same).

However, the Italian Roast leaves an after taste on my tongue and roof of mouth. I am not/not one of those few who can discern individual flavors and textures, but this is definitely different than the Arabica.


June 6th

Rated 9 out of 10

Went back to 6-scoops of coffee but did increase it 8-cups of water, extra bit of water is to try and get 3-full mugs of coffee. It only brewed 7-cups.

Is the Espresso dense? It is brewing slowly, very slowly. When you open the sealed pouch the aroma is incredible.

Flavor is good, not too strong and does not get bitter or leave an after taste as it cools.

June 8th

Rated 8

6-scoops of coffee and 8-cups of water. No amazing aroma when pouch unsealed, and when it brewed – same thing. Nothing special in aroma or taste. But, as the coffee in the cup cooled it did NOT leave any after taste or bitterness like the Italian Roast did.


June 9th

Rated 8

6-scoops of coffee and 8-cups of water

Decent cup of coffee. Unremarkable. Heated a cup up the next day and it is still smooth, tasty, no after taste or bitterness.

If you want a smooth cup of coffee without a strong aroma or strong flavor this is a good option.

June 11th

Rated 8

Same mix as the others.

No aroma from pouch or pot after brewing, or at least, very little.

Okay flavor, no after taste or bitterness which for me makes it an 8 and 7.5.

Boring, not quite as good as SAAM Doi Arabica, but very close.

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