Coffee Roast Level – Which is Best?

Coffee roast levels

Many people usually think that coffee has only two characteristics: bitter and gives an energy boost. But in reality, coffee is just like any other food or beverage, providing different tasting notes so each person can find the right coffee for them, one that you will enjoy the most. So the question usually comes down to what type of coffee do YOU enjoy? Do you like a smooth cup of coffee? A strong bitter coffee? A cup of coffee that has the highest caffeine content? 

Today’s coffee culture has become more complex. Light roast coffee, dark roast coffee, tamping, grind size, brew time, caffeine content … the list of variables in a cup of coffee is, like cooking itself, ever-expanding. We’re here to make it simple to understand and find the right coffee for you so let’s jump in. 

What Are The Different Roast Levels (The Main Ones) and What Taste Does Each Roast Level Give In Coffee?

Coffee in general comes in four main roast levels: 

  1. Light Roast Coffee – this roast level preserves the natural aromas and flavours of the coffee bean. It is a preferred choice for specialty coffee drinkers. Light roasted coffee is not oily and usually has a brighter flavor which means it has a high acidic taste giving it a clear and mild cup of coffee. Other names it goes under are: Light City roast, Half City roast or Cinnamon roast. 
  2. Medium Roast Coffee – this roast level is best for those who are looking for a smooth cup of coffee. Medium roasted coffee preserves the coffee beans aromas and flavours with a sweeter taste than that of acidic. Other names it goes under are: City, American roast or Breakfast roast. Generally Medium roasted coffee is more aromatic and if you are looking for a more chocolate taste note in coffee then your best option will be the medium dark roast levels. 
  3. Dark Roast Coffee – At this roast level the natural taste of the coffee is replaced with the bitterness that many people love in a coffee. It gives the coffee a bold, heavier flavour with the lowest acidity and is rather oily. Giving the coffee a dark chocolate taste note and heavier body and taste. Dark roast coffee is also known as full city coffee roast or vienna roast. 
  4. French Roast Coffee – also known as New Orleans coffee roast, Italian Roast, French Roast and Continental roast. The French Roast coffee is roasted to such a dark level that there is no trace of the original coffee flavor. It has the highest oil content that gives it the ashy / smoky taste. 

But having said all of this, the above taste profile of a coffee also depends a lot on the type of coffee and roasting profile from each roaster. But this will give you a more narrowed down search for the right coffee for you. 

Which Roast Level Is Smoothest?

The smoothest coffee is usually roasted at medium roast level. Medium roasted coffee gives a more balanced and well-rounded cup because it enhances the original flavors of the beans, reducing the acidic / sour taste note while bringing out the nutty and sweet taste notes.

Which Roast Is Strongest In Coffee?

You would naturally think that the darker the roast the stronger the coffee bean right. But actually it isn’t quite so. So which roast level has the strongest caffeine content? The answer surprisingly is light roasted coffee. Lighter-roasted coffee beans carry more strength in both flavor and caffeine content.

However if by strongest coffee you mean burnt and bitter taste then the answer will be French Roast coffee. 

What Level Is French Roast?

French Roast is the darkest roast in coffee darker than dark roast. The coffee that is roasted in French Roast is oilier and brings out the smoky and bitter taste of coffee. Not many coffees are roasted to this level but you can find here the French Roast Coffee in Thailand – click here. 

Naturally French Roast is not recommended for expensive coffee beans such as Kenya coffee beans, Sumatra coffee, Geisha coffee and more. As they are expensive for the characteristics of these types of coffee. It just wouldn’t be worth the money you are paying anymore. 

Our Recommended Thai French Roast Coffee: 

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So, which roast is right for you? It could be one, or it could be all of them! Your tastes might begin to change as you become familiar with different coffee roasts. Maybe in the morning you prefer a French Roast coffee, but in the afternoon enjoy a Light Roast coffee. Many people find that their taste appreciation for coffee evolves when they start drinking various types of coffee. Regardless, the right coffee roast level for you is the one you like best! 

If you need any suggestions when it comes to choosing the coffee or coffee roast level you like the best, let us know! You can connect with us via Facebook, Line or Instagram, or visit this page on our website and fill out our preference – our team will endeavor to find the best coffee match for you!

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