Natural Winey Coffee By Alexta Coffee Roaster

REGION: Huay Nam Kuan, Chiang Rai

PROCESS: Natural Winey Coffee Process

Alexta’s Natural Winey Coffee won the 2nd Place in the Thailand National Coffee Roasting Championship Awards in 2019. A single-origin and organic coffee from Huay Nam Kuan, Chiang Rai.

TASTE NOTES: Black Cherry, Wine, Black Tea, Fruity and a sweet aftertaste

SIZE: 200g

ROAST LEVEL: Light Roast

Hemp Infused Coffee Drip Bag By COZ Coffee

DRIP BAG SIZE: 10g – 5 Drip bags per box

REGION: Chiang Mai

PROCESS: Washed Process

This Hemp infused coffee is an Arabica coffee from Chiang Mai. Perfectly roasted to its medium roast level and infused with dried cannabis leaf. Certified by Thai food authorities. In 1 box you will get 5 coffee drip bags each in 10g dosage.

TASTE NOTES: Good aroma of coffee and fresh hemp, Herb-like, Tobacco, Aftertaste like mental, sweet, flavor of coffee and hemp go along together, easy to drink.


Valentine Roast Coffee By Bannok Coffee Roaster

REGION: Khun Chang Khian, Chiang Mai

COFFEE PROCESS: Natural (Dry) Process & Wash Process

VARIETAL: Arabica Catimor

SIZE: 200g

Remarks: Please note that the wait time may be between 5 – 7 days until the roaster sends out your coffee order. 

AVAILABLE IN: Light Coffee Roast

TASTE NOTES: Rose Tea, Glico Pocky Strawberry, Green Tea, Rice, Stone Fruit, Caramel, Sweet Fruit, Juicy Aftertaste

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