Good Morning Thailand Coffee

REGION: Chiang Mai

PROCESS: Washed Processed

Coffee Culture’s Good Morning Coffee – A delicious 100% Arabica coffee blend from different parts in Chiang Mai. Creating this full body, strong yet smooth cup of coffee. Perfect for that morning boost.


  • Medium Dark
  • Dark Roast

Coffolic’s Mae Saruay Chiang Rai

REGION: Mae Saruay, Chiang Rai

VARIETAL: Arabica Catimor


  • Light Roast – TASTE NOTE: Fruitty, Nutty & Sweet Ending
  • Medium Roast – TASTE NOTE: Slightly Fruitty, Nutty, Caramel & Chocolate
  • Medium Dark Roast – TASTE NOTE: A fruity hint, Nutty & Chocolate
  • Dark Roast – TASTE NOTE: Nutty & Chocolate
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