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The Coffee Journal is a category dedicated to Coffee Culture’s customers and their coffee experiences. Here, you’ll find coffee reviews, recommendations, and personal stories from our customers. This is the place to share your thoughts on your favorite blends, brewing methods, and everything in between. Join us in exploring the world of coffee, one cup at a time.

First Elephant Rescue in Thailand By Unchained Elephants

First elephant rescue in Thailand - kanoon - unchained elephants x coffee culture thailand

While this story may not be directly related to coffee, it is deeply intertwined with the incredible community we’ve built together as coffee lovers. Many of you have wholeheartedly supported me on my very first elephant rescue mission. You know who you are, and I am forever greateful to you all! You have no idea. Thank you so much for being part of this extraordinary journey. Together, we’ve shown that our shared passion for coffee extends to a broader commitment to making positive changes in the world. Now, let’s dive into the inspiring tale of Kanoon’s path to freedom!

Petra’s Coffee Journal In Thailand

petra's coffee journal with coffee culture thailand

Thank you Petra for this coffee video review for our fresh roast coffees ^_^. Petra lives in Pai which is located in the northern part of Thailand. It’s a popular place for hill tribes, chilled vibes, cool weather and arabica coffee plantations. Petra has been a customer at Coffee Culture since November 26th 2021 when discovering us on The Thaiger’s Good Morning Thailand Show. It’s been almost a year since ^_^. So let’s jump in and see what Petra thinks of our coffee store, coffee and whether she would recommend these Thai coffees to others.

A Thai Decaf Coffee Review By Matt – Coffee Journey In Thailand

A Thai Decaf Coffee Review By Matt – Coffee Journey In Thailand

Matt has been a fan of Tasmanian coffee before he found out about Coffee Culture through The Thaiger. He used to order Leaping Goat’s Coffee From Australia and getting them sent to him via air cargo. Since Matt found out about Coffee Culture through the Thaiger, he has tasted several different coffees and finally has found his favourite Thai coffee.

Thai Coffee Taste Review By Willard


Thank you so much Willard for your continuous support for our Thai coffee project – Coffee Culture Thailand. Willard has been a supporter of Coffee Culture Thailand since February 2022. The most interesting thing is that he found the Thai coffee he enjoyed most on his first order and since has been purchasing this regularly. Thank you so much Willard for your continuous support and purchases. ^_^

Coffee Sampler Box – Thailand Coffee Journal By Richard MC

Strong Coffee

I like to be methodical, especially with my coffee. So I ‘d like to share what I came up with my experience with Coffee Culture’s Sampler Box. Thank you for the experience. At least I know what I will order or not order. Personally after trying out the first 6 coffee samplers that were recommended for my coffee preference, the Thai Arabica 100% and Coffee Culture’s House Espresso Coffee will be my go to blends.

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