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Read our stories and discover the inspirations behind Coffee Culture Thailand. Learn more about the founder of Coffee Culture Thailand and her quest to sustain the income of local coffee farmers and roasters in Thailand by connecting them to an international marketplace where they can sell their coffee.

First Elephant Rescue in Thailand By Unchained Elephants

First elephant rescue in Thailand - kanoon - unchained elephants x coffee culture thailand

While this story may not be directly related to coffee, it is deeply intertwined with the incredible community we’ve built together as coffee lovers. Many of you have wholeheartedly supported me on my very first elephant rescue mission. You know who you are, and I am forever greateful to you all! You have no idea. Thank you so much for being part of this extraordinary journey. Together, we’ve shown that our shared passion for coffee extends to a broader commitment to making positive changes in the world. Now, let’s dive into the inspiring tale of Kanoon’s path to freedom!

Elevating In-Room Coffee Experience – Sustainability & Hospitality

Small details have a significant effect on guests’ experiences at your resort. To spoil their guests, hotel owners have opted for freshly roasted coffee capsules instead of instant coffee. These coffee capsules offer both convenience and taste, making them the new norm for in-room coffee. However, the use of single-use coffee pods is harmful to the environment.

Coffee For A Cause – Giving Back To The Community

the best coffee roasters in thailand - Coffee Culture Blog

Coffee Culture was launched when there was no online shop to search and buy Thai roast coffee easily. Not only creating a sustainable coffee economy in Thailand, but also giving back to the community who are in need.

Coffee Culture Thailand – The Story behind us & our inspiration

Coffee Culture Thailand - Our Story & Inspiration

“I want to help local Thai people, who are doing what they love most. To give their coffee product the chance to survive by giving them the awareness needed for potential customers to buy them. Business owners should focus on developing their business to reach the goals and dreams they have.” – Susan Borvornpotsakul

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