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Where Are The Best Places To Buy Coffee Beans Chiang Mai ?

Chiang Mai, the capital city for arabica coffee not just in Thailand but also for Southeast Asia. If you’re a coffee person and happen to either be living in Thailand or just visiting then this is a must-visit city for you. With its breathtaking mountain landscapes, nice weather (especially in the cool season) and slow-life vibes, Chiang Mai is the best place to grow quality arabica coffee beans in Thailand. But with so much available on offer it can be quite hard to pick and choose which is the best place to buy coffee in Chiang Mai. 

From small family-owned coffee farms to the Thai coffee industry giants such as Doi Chaang Coffee and Doi Tung, your options are endless. And before we jump into highlighting our top 10 places to go for buying coffee beans in Chiang Mai, we have one advice for you. 

Chiang Mai Thailand
Chiang mai thailand - capital city of coffee in southeast asia
Things to do in chiang mai - coffee tasting experience thailand


“The best way to discover delicious coffee in Thailand is to try as many as possible. And if you are in Chiang Mai then the best way to try as many as possible to is to go on a coffee farm hopping experience in Northern Thailand. 

And no coffee hopping is not yet existent but it would definitely be an experience I would definitely sign up for. I mean wouldn’t you want to go experience the true local vibes amongst hill tribes and villagers? See and learn how coffee is farmed, harvested and roasted. And then end with a nice coffee tasting session just like that of a wine tasting experience…..” –  Susan Borvornpotsakul

One of the amazing things about the coffee farms in Thailand is that majority of them are grown in the forest, maintaining a sustainable agriculture model. 

Discover hill tribe coffees in Chiang mai one of the best place to buy coffee beans in chiang mai Akha hill tribe woman raking drying coffee at Doi Chang, north Thailand. Part of a series on hill tribe coffee production.
best place to buy fresh roast coffee in chiang mai thailand - coffee culture
Fresh cup of coffee at home - enjoy delicious coffee anywhere with coffee culture thailand


Chiang Mai is truly a must-visit city when In Thailand and has so much to offer (except for beaches of course). Apart from its astonishing coffee culture, Chiang Mai is famous for its ancient temples, stunning mountainous landscapes, and friendly locals. To top it all off the food is not too spicy. 

Anyways this blog is not about all the must-visit and experience places in Chiang Mai so let’s get straight to the point. Where are the best places to buy fresh roast coffee beans in Chiang Mai? Here’s our selection of the top 10 places to grab some coffee beans in Chiang Mai.

Top 10 Places To Buy Coffee Beans In Chiang Mai

Drum rolls please…. And please please keep in mind that non of these are in any particular order. They are just some (of over 50+ places) of the places you will definitely want to check out when you next run out of coffee or looking for a souvenir to bring back to your friends and families.

1. Chiang Mai Coffee Beans

– Premium Whole Beans From Chaing Mai

Chaing Mai Coffee Beans opened in 2021 after its founders spent several years in the city, learning local agricultural concepts, Thai culture, and the ease of local life. The owners of Chiang Mai coffee beans strongly believe that systematic agriculture, as well as marketing strategy, effective cost management, can ensure and deliver the highest level of quality, reliability, and productivity of coffee beans.

As Chiang Mai steadily becomes more popular among tourists, Chiang Mai Coffee Beans intend to add value to local coffee farmers by roasting, harvesting, and brewing coffee in order to maintain authenticity and uniqueness in their coffee beans.

2. Gateway Coffee Roaster

– An Ancient Coffee Masterpiece

Located in a 60- year old building, a few meters away from Tha Phae Gate, and decorated in a vintage style, Gateway Coffee roaster offers an outstanding wiredy of coffee beans and specialty coffee that is being developed by their own creative recipes. The founders of Gateway Coffee Roaster believe that the coffee enthusiasts must obtain more options, rather than just a regular menu. That’s one of the keys to their success, as there are 13 shops right now that have mutual concepts. 

Another key factor in their coffee succes is the international mindset and various Western techniques that are being utilized into their daily operations. As there are quite a few backpackers from various countries visit their coffee shop, the founders constantly keep learning the new coffee drinking practices People from across the world have different coffee drinking styles, and founders of Gateway Coffee Roaster decided to shift to Australian and New zealand alternative that was their “turning point” in the coffee industry.

The best part is that the owners work directly with the coffee farmers, as they wish to establish a better quality of grains, which in return help improve the quality of life. If you happen to be in Chiang Mai and you are looking for the coffee beans, then you should definitely consider visiting this coffee roaster in Chiang Mai.

3. Roast8ry

– Chiang Mai Speciality Coffee Lab

Now this is one of my personal favourites. Why? Because of the variety they have to offer. 

If you ask a local expat in Chiang Mai, whether or not he / she knows anything about Roastery coffee lab, the answer will most likely be yes. What comes to mind when I think about Roast8ry, is their group of award winning baristas, who had similar vision and passion for coffee. They managed to establish such a unique coffee shop that serves one of the best specialty coffees in Chiang Mai.  By focusing on delivering unique and high quality coffee, they focus their efforts on developing various coffee bean favours, which in turn provides extraordinary coffee experiences to their guests. If you are looking for top notch coffee beans or just for that really delicious cup of coffee, make sure to give them a visit once you are in Chiang Mai!

4. Akha Ama Coffee

– Socially Empowered Coffee Enterprise

Akha Ama Coffee was established in 2010 with a purpose of providing support to the local community by emphasizing on coffee production from coffee cultivation to brewing process, and delivering delicious coffee. Interestingly enough, Akha Ama coffee has been grown by local people in a small village, approximately 1500 meters above sea level. Moreover, the name Akha refers to the inddigenous humans, who are well accustomed to the cultivation of quality highland crops. If you could guess, the knowledge has been transferred to the new generation and integrated info coffee farms which in turn produce the high quality Arabica coffee beans. It is hard to complete with the wisdom of the elders, that’s why their coffee is considered a top notch across multiple coffee magnates in Thailand. If you are in Chiang Mai, do yourself a favor and visit their coffee shop, you won’t be disappointed!

doi chaang coffee thailand - coffee plantation, cafe and store

5. Doi Chaang Coffee

– World-class Premium Arabica Coffee

If you ever saw a Doi Chaang logo before, then you will remember the image on it. The Doi Chaang logo portrays an elder man from one of the Baan Doi Chaang Village to cultivate the coffee industry. As a matter of fact, the logo was developed as a show of respect and gratitude for initiating coffee farming and passing this treasure on to future generations.

Doi Chaang Coffee is among the top giant coffee procedures in Thailand. It has been serving excellent quality coffee beans since the beginning of the new millennium. The majority of Thai and Western people are aware of the brand and its amazing quality of coffee. If you are new to Thailand, then you should absolutely give yourself a treat and visit one of their coffee shops or just purchase their coffee beans. Their store is absolutely amazing and has that lanna style vibe you would expect from Chiang Mai. Not to mention the variety and selection they have for you from barrel aged process Thai coffee to decaf coffee. Definitely one to check out when in Chiang Mai.

6. DoiTung Coffee

– Yet Another Giant Coffee Producer

DoiTung Coffee specialises in quality Arabica coffee that comes originally from three varieties: Catimor, Caturra, and Catuai. Doi Tung has been around since 1988 and all their coffee is grown by hill tribe people under a royal project in the mountains of northern Thailand. 

The primary objective was to improve local hill tribes’ access to agriculture in order to create employment and revenue. And the endeavor to develop coffee was a big success both domestically and internally. Currently there are six ethnic groups and 29 local communities assisting Doi Tung Coffee in growing and harvesting their coffee in Chiang Rai. Locally processed and roasted, the coffee beans from Doi Tung offer a well-balanced flavor with fruity undertones. Their lifestyle cafe and store are really something more than just coffee. Making it a fantastic go to place to buy some coffee beans in Chiang Mai and in Thailand.

Bannok Coffee roaster in chiang mai - one the best coffee roasters in thailand - Coffee Culture Blog

7. Bannok Coffee Roaster

Bannok Coffee Roaster is one of the Chiang Mai Foodies go to place when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s a small coffee roaster in the Hangdong-Samoeng area, located right by the river. Bannok Coffee has a really nice industrial indoor setting while their outdoor space is very cozy and minimalist.

graph one nimman cafe chiang mai

8. Graph One Nimman

GRAPH one nimman, located in a high-congested tourist and student area, is a speed bar. This place is where they serve most of their signatures, and by far the most popular among their coffee shops. Their aim has always been to be the place where people come and exchange their experiences, should it be up or down, as well as share their inspiration and creativity. To date they have 13 cafes around Thailand. 

From nitro cold brew to drip coffee bags, Graph One Nimman is the go to place for specialty coffee in Chiang Mai.

Classic race car gallery in chiang mai - skugga estate - coffee farm, chocolate farm and more
Chocolate Workshops in chiang mai by skugga estate thailand
skugga estate one of the best place to buy coffee beans in chiang mai thailand
Skugga Estate Chiang Mai - one of the amazing place to buy coffee beans in chiang mai thailand

9. Skugga Farm

– A single origin must visit place for coffee, chocolate and tea.

If you are a coffee lover and in search for single origin coffee produce, Skugga Estate is the place for you. Their _____ acre estate features a coffee, tea, avocado, cacao farm, roastery, chocolate lab & bar, onsite workshop and a classic car garage. Open daily from 10am to 7pm. This place truly is a great weekend activity for anyone in Chiang Mai. 

Not only do they have plenty of things to experience they also have alot of fun activities on site such as chocolate making workshop, climbing and a collection of classic race cars.

Discover hill tribe coffees in Chiang mai one of the best place to buy coffee beans in chiang mai Akha hill tribe woman raking drying coffee at Doi Chang, north Thailand. Part of a series on hill tribe coffee production.
Discover hill tribe coffees in Chiang mai one of the best place to buy coffee beans in chiang mai thailand

10. Hill Tribes (Doi Chang, Doi Tung, Doi , Doi)

Chiang Mai is a huge city! Filled with so many mountains / Dois that one of the best way is to grab your car or even your motorbike and head out exploring. You’ll find that on most Doi’s there is a coffee farm to be discovered. Some of which are more well known than others while others are only known to the locals. Our suggestion to you would be to try the coffee on site first before grabbing a bag or two, as we always say one coffee might taste amazing for one person and horrid to the next. So make sure you try it before you grab it.

Chiang Mai Coffee Beans

Having listed already 10 of the best places to buy coffee beans in Chiang Mai, it doesn’t mean that those are the only places you can buy fresh roast coffees. Chiang Mai is one of the rare places in Thailand , that has so so many Coffee Roasters to offer that you could literally go roaster hopping. All these roasters micro, mid size and some more well known than others are all fantastic places to check out, try a cup or two and then grab a few bags home with you.

Much like Bangkok the offer on coffee is so large that you would never ever get bored. There will always be something new to try.

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