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Top 6 best ground coffee makers in thailand - coffee culture thailand

2023 Best Ground Coffee Machines Available For Sale In Thailand

Hiya! Welcome to the world of Coffee Culture! Whether you’re a returning coffee lover or stepping into our coffee world for the first time, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my heart and soul – Coffee Culture Thailand. As the biggest and most delightful online coffee shop in Thailand, we’re here to infuse your days with delicious Thai coffee. I’m Susan, your coffee guide in Thailand. For me and my team (both at Coffee Culture & E-Media Asia), a perfect cup of coffee is essential both at home and at the office. And while some may prefer the pour-over / drip coffee and others the strong espresso machines. Today, we’re going to address one of the most frequently asked questions here at Coffee Culture Thailand: Which drip coffee machine should I buy in Thailand? And which are the best drip coffee machines? So, let’s just cut to the chase and jump right in to discover our selection of the top 5 drip coffee machines in Thailand.

Who is the drip coffee machine single coffee maker perfect for? 

So, who’s the drip coffee machine single coffee maker designed for, you ask? Well, if you’re all about that hassle-free, no-nonsense coffee brewing, this little wonder is your jam. Drip coffee machines are like the MVPs of homes and offices, and no wonder – they can whip up multiple cups at once without breaking a sweat. Plus, they’re all about customization, giving you the power to tweak that coffee punch to your liking. So whether you’re on a solo coffee drinker or in charge of caffeinating a whole crowd, this drip coffee maker is the buddy you can rely.

1. Braun KF7120

PRICE: 6,125 THB

The Braun KF7120 is a high-quality coffee maker designed for coffee enthusiasts who want a premium brewing experience. This machine features a 12-cup capacity and a programmable clock that allows users to set a desired brewing time. Its PureFlavor brewing system ensures optimal flavor extraction, while the anti-drip system prevents spills and messes. The KF7120 also includes a water-level indicator, an auto shut-off function, and a sleek stainless steel design that complements any kitchen décor.

2. Smeg Italian Drip Coffee Machine

PRICE: 9,400 THB

The Smeg Italian Drip Coffee Machine is a stylish and functional appliance that brings a touch of vintage Italian design to any kitchen. This coffee maker features a 10-cup capacity and a unique drip coffee brewing method that produces rich and flavorful coffee. It also includes a reusable filter, a water-level indicator, and a keep-warm function. The Smeg Italian Drip Coffee Machine is available in a variety of colors and finishes, such as cream, black, and pastel blue, allowing users to choose the perfect match for their kitchen aesthetic.

3. Cuisinart Extreme Brew® 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

PRICE: 3,400 THB

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew® 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is a powerful and efficient coffee maker that offers an excellent brewing experience. With its 12-cup capacity and programmable options, users can easily adjust the strength and brewing time to their preferences. The Extreme Brew® technology ensures coffee is brewed at a higher temperature for optimal flavor extraction. The coffeemaker also includes a water filter, a brew pause feature, and an adjustable heater plate.

Its sleek stainless steel design adds a modern touch to any kitchen. The Cuisinart Extreme Brew® is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who value convenience and taste.

4. Drip Coffee Machine – Minimex MDC2

PRICE: 1,250 THB

Coffee lovers can easily make their own cup of coffee with a modern coffee maker that will brew delicious drip coffee with Minimex’s modern drip coffee maker. A drip coffee maker with an anti-water drop system, easy to clean, and a warming plate which will automatically shut off after 40 minutes. This coffee maker comes with a glass coffee jar with a silver handle capable of making 6 cups of coffee per round.


5. Electrolux Ultimate Taste 500

PRICE: 9,990 THB

The Electrolux Ultimate Taste 500 coffee machine is a high-performance appliance that delivers a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee every time. With its advanced brewing system, it ensures optimal flavor extraction from coffee grounds. This machine includes a range of features such as a large 1.8L water tank, 24-hour programmable timer, and a keep-warm function. The Ultimate Taste 500 also features a sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen decor.

6. De'Longhi Drip/Filter Coffee Maker Clessidra ICM 17210

PRICE: 5.960 THB

There are many excellent drip coffee makers on the market, but in Thailand, they can be challenging to find. That’s why we’ve conducted thorough research and selected the top six best drip coffee machines available for purchase in Thailand. These machines range from high-end espresso makers to affordable drip coffee machines.

Now that you’ve discovered the top 6 drip coffee makers in Thailand. It’s time to discover your favourite Thai coffee. Whether you’re into bold bitter offee, a hearty hit of strong coffee, the velvety elegance of smooth coffee, or the lively tang of acidic / fruitty coffee – consider your coffee cravings officially covered.

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