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Which Are The Best Coffee Roasters In Thailand?

That’s not an easy question to answer as the answer changes every year to determine which are the best coffee roasters in Thailand. Not to mention who is asking the question, because I personally don’t believe that there is one right answer. Everyone has different taste preference just like food, coffee can be adjusted to so many different taste profile.

Coffee for many people has become an experience in one’s daily routine, and for some, it is a morning booster. For coffee connoisseurs, it is truly a unique culinary experience and for many, it is a force for good. The best way to expand your coffee experience is to get your hands on a cup of coffee from roasters who are driven by two primary things. One, Honoring and uncovering the natural flavor profile of the coffee bean through roasting. And two, celebrating the hardworking families and communities around the world that make coffee possible. If you are looking to buy coffee online in Thailand make sure to check out the coffee roasters we have listed.

How are the top coffee roasters determined?

Now of course there are so many more factors involved to becoming a successful roaster. Some of which are the roasting innovation, your customer experience and a reliable online coffee store, commitment to traditional methods, warehousing, and so much more. But we kept it simple. The 10 coffee roasters in Thailand we’ve highlighted below have received top marks for the two things we think are most important: honoring the bean and celebrating the people. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be itching to buy a bag of fresh roasted coffee or two, and get it quickly delivered to your door in Thailand (maybe even globally).

Let’s find out which are the Top 10 Coffee Roasters in Thailand and note that they are not in any particular order:

1. Tobo Coffee & Roaster


COFFEE SPECIALTY: Champion of the Thailand National Coffee Roasting Championship 2020, Tobo Coffee & Roaster is an artisan roaster that specializes in fresh roast and tailor made coffee for wholesale.

2. Gong Coffee


COFFEE SPECIALTY: Gong Coffee is currently one of the biggest coffee exporters on Robusta coffee beans in Thailand. A small group of coffee farmers with the world’s top quality and flavorful Robusta coffee plantations. Using the most ancient processes in the world, from planting, collecting the beans, drying, aging and roasting by hand in a pan! Gong Coffee has a unique taste, identity and character.

3. Roots Coffee

LOCATION: Bangkok 

SPECIALTY: Roots Coffee is a small team of coffee fanatics who have one goal – to serve their customers good coffee while supporting the well-being of every single person involved in the coffee journey. Roots supports a Cup-to-Farm ethos that showcases specialty coffee in a new way.


LOCATION: Chiang Mai

SPECIALTY: Akha Ama is a social enterprise that focuses on Thai specialty coffee and locally sourced coffee. Akha Ama was founded by the children of farmers in 2010. The coffee is grown by smallholders around the village of Maejantai at 1500 meters above sea level in the highland region of Northern Thailand.

5. Phil Coffee ROASTER

LOCATION: Bangkok 

SPECIALTY: Phil Coffee Roaster is an artisan coffee roaster that was established in 2011. The coffee company specializes in handcrafted small batch coffee beans that are roasted fresh weekly. Phil Coffee Company was the 1st Runner-Up in the Thailand National Coffee Roasting Championship 2018.

6. Bannok Coffee Roaster

LOCATION: Hangdong-Samoeng, Chiang Mai

SPECIALTY: Bannok Coffee Roaster is one of the Chiang Mai Foodies go to place when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s a small coffee roaster in the Hangdong-Samoeng area,  located right by the river. Bannok Coffee has a really nice industrial indoor setting while their outdoor space is very cozy and minimalist.

Buy Coffee Beans From Bannok Coffee Roaster Online

7. Nap’s Coffee & Roaster

LOCATION: Ubon Ratchathani 

SPECIALTY: A specialty coffee roaster with a huge selection of locally sourced coffee, Nap’s Coffee & Roaster was the 2nd Runner-Up in the Thai National Roasting Championship 2020.

8. Just Follow The Goat The Original Coffee Roaster


SPECIALTY: A roaster known for its collection of rare and specialty coffee blends, Just Follow The Goat has gained a massive following in Isaan and throughout Thailand. Just Follow The Goat The Original Coffee Roaster was awarded 3rd place in the Thailand National Coffee Roasting Championship 2020.

9. NaNa Coffee Roaster

LOCATION: Bangkok 

SPECIALTY: Established by Mr. Warong Chalanuchpong, NaNa Coffee Roaster came into the specialty coffee roasting business with very little knowledge of coffee itself. Since then, NaNa Coffee Roaster has won the Siphon World Champion 2018, Thailand National Barista Champion 2019, and Thailand National Brewer Cup Champion 2020.

10. Factory Coffee


SPECIALTY: Factory Coffee has a wide range of locally sourced and international coffee beans available for wholesale. Operated by a Thai barista team, Factory Coffee has won many awards including Thailand Barista Champion 2017, Top 13 World Barista Champion 2018, 1st place TNBC 2019 and Thailand Barista Champion 2020.

Thai coffee is slowly gaining its position as the world’s biggest coffee producers and just in 2020 Thailand has hit its record high with 81,000 tons of coffee beans exported around the world. It is now the 10th biggest coffee exporter in the world! Click here to see which are the best coffee shops in Thailand. And if you are one of those who can’t intake caffeine or prefer to drink decaf coffee, then make sure to check out our blog on decaf coffee shops around Thailand. We hope you enjoyed our coffee and don’t forget to comment you favourite coffee roasters in Thailand in the section below. 

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