Best Coffee Machines For Office Use In Thailand

Coffee stations at offices - why you should definitely have one

Best Office Espresso / Coffee Machines In Thailand

We need coffee to socialize with our team members and our customers. We need it because it’s the icebreaker in the meetings. After all, it’s buried deep in the roots of our coffee culture. Coffee just creates a happier place for everyone. For years, I have incorporated small gestures for those I work with, no matter what industry. And I also always make sure that my team both at Coffee Culture and my digital marketing agency in Thailand has a coffee corner. After all it helps with team bonding, it provides a break to a busy and productive day, and it acts as an ice breaker for any meetings. Your morning moods affects the entire day, so it’s important to have a coffee corner set up in your office, but which coffee machine is best suitable for office use? Which is the best espresso coffee machines for offices? What are the best office coffee machines for heavier duty? Afterall choosing the right coffee machine is one of the most crucial part to a delicious cup of coffee at work. 

While everyone has different needs, budgets, and amount of staff in their company, it can be quite tedious finding the right coffee machine.

The first step would be to decide which type of coffee machine you would like to have:

1. Capsule Coffee Machine

Friendly prices, easy to use, very little cleaning needed and really fast in making a cup of coffee. When it comes to capsule coffee makers Dolce Gusto coffee machines are great for small offices with few staff. While the Nespresso coffee machines are suitable for offices with larger teams. One of the downsides is that coffee capsule costs are on the high side when it comes to cost per cup of coffee.

2. Automatic Coffee Machines

Convenient to use and less hassle needed in making the different types of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha etc. All within a touch of a button or two. Although having said that this convenience does come with a price. They are also very heavy duty. Most of the automatic coffee machines have an automatic cleaning and rinsing program built into the software. The cost per cup of coffee is the same as that for the espresso machines. This is by far the best coffee machine for large offices.

3. Espresso machines

These beauties are generally much more complicated coffee machines as it requires time and knowledge. One of the first things to understand when choosing an espresso coffee machine is knowing which type you want: a semi-automatic, or a hybrid pod / espresso machine. Semi-auto espresso coffee machines are the regular ones you see at the coffee shops and houses. Their prices can range from 4,000 baht up to 300,000 baht for those intimidating commercial machines. In general espresso machines give you more control over each cup of coffee you make. So if your team does not mind spending some time making their perfect cup of coffee then this is the best espresso coffee machine for your company, especially for anything from small to medium sized companies.

4. Regular coffee maker

The normal drip coffee makers are general very cheap. For some offices you need to have lots of coffee on hand and sometimes throughout the day, which a single serve coffee maker might be the best option for you. This is where those 12 cups drip coffee makers come in handy. Drip coffee makers are convenient, extremely durable and can make a large amount of coffee (Americanos) in one single serve.

Now let’s dive into the part of which is the top 5 office coffee machines, that are available in Thailand

1. Nespresso Zenius – Capsule coffee machine

Suitable for businesses with under 30 staff.

The Nespresso Zenius is a single cup espresso coffee maker that is suitable for professionals who enjoy espresso drinks. Great for offices and businesses of any size. By simply adding your favorite coffee capsule in the machine, pulling down the handle, and selecting one of the three buttons, you can enjoy delicious Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo coffees, within a few minutes. Besides its high-quality and professional performance, this premium brewer is stylish so that it could be placed as a decoration in the break room to enhance coffee experience in the office.

Buy Nespresso Zenius In Thailand:

2. Minimex Bella – An Espresso Coffee Machine

Suitable for offices with under 15 staffs

Minimex’s Bella is a modern retro design espresso coffee machine with a 15 PARR pressure. This easy to use small espresso coffee machine is fantastic for smaller size companies with under 15 staff. Colourful, durable and value the money.

Buy Minimex Bella Espresso Coffee Machine In Thailand

3. Saeco Royal Office – Automatic coffee machine

Suitable for large offices / headquarters as it is capable of making 120 cups of coffee per HOUR! A great choice for offices, restaurants, cafes or bars. The automatic Saeco Royal Office coffee machines series are worth the investment because of their good price. This automatic coffee machine is especially crafted for heavy loads and serves up to 120 cups per hour with fresh ground coffee on serving. This coffee machine is capable of making a delicious espresso, americano, ristretto, and lungo with just one touch of a button. Guaranteed with high-quality performance with innovative technologies, all models in the series come with ceramic grinders, thermospeed and VariPresso technologies.

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4. Bonavita 8 Cup – A Drip Coffee Maker

An easy to use single serve coffee maker and often the least expensive. It can brew a full pot of coffee in just little less than 8 minutes. The best part about this drip coffee maker is that it also guides you how many grams of coffee you should use per serving. The design was crafted to mimic an artisan pour over brewing method and so in return it creates some of the best drip coffee. 

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5. Breville Barista Express BES870 – Espresso Coffee Machines For Offices

Breville’s Barista Express Espresso Machine is an all-in-one automatic with a wonderfully low price. What makes them unique is the built-in coffee burr grinder, a dose control on-demand grinding system. Delivering the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into its portafilter.You can even adjust the grind size of your coffee beans, which allows you to tweak your cup of coffee to your taste preference.

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Hope you find this information helpful and easier for you to make a decision on which type of coffee machine you should buy for your business.

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