Best Coffee Grind Levels For Different Coffee Makers

Easy Guide To THE Best Coffee Grind SIZE For Each Coffee MAKER


When it comes to making coffee, one of the most important and most asked questions is what is the best grind level for my coffee? It all comes down to what is the coffee machine / maker you are using. Different makers and machines have different best grind levels. So, we decided to create an easy go-to Coffee Grind Chart for you to refer to. 

Whether you are looking for the best coffee grind size for french press, the right grind size for pour over coffee, aeropress makers or any other coffee brewing method, you will find the information easily below.

As you may already know the best cup of coffee is when it is made from fresh ground coffee in small batches. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive brand coffee grinder, it could be as simple as a manual hand coffee grinder (looking to buy a coffee grinder visit our shop).


Below you will find what is the best grind size for espresso machines, pour over coffee and more: 



This is the best grind level for cold brew coffee.

Peppercorns#8Cold Brew Coffee


The best grind size for French Press.

Sea Salt#7– French Press
– Percolators
– Coffee Cupping
– Vietnamese Phin


Not quite medium but not quite coarse

Coarse Sand#5– Chemex coffee maker
– Clever Dripper
– Cafe Solo Brewer
– Siphon Coffee


The happy medium of grind sizes a great
starting point for testing your grounds.

Regular Sand#4– Flat Bottom Drip Coffee Machines
– Aeropress (with 3+ minute brew time)


The best grind size for pour over coffee.

Table Salt#3– Cone-shaped Pour-over Brewers
– Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brew time)
– Moka Pot (Stovetop Espresso Maker)
– Woodneck Coffee Drip


The most common grind size, can be found in the ground coffee available in most supermarkets (unless otherwise stated).

A little finer than table salt#1 – #2.5
Depends on the grinders
– Espresso
– Aeropress (with 1 minute brew time)


If your preferred coffee brewing method is Turkish coffee then this is the coffee grind size for you.

Flour#1– Turkish coffee
Best Coffee Grind Size for different machines

Above is a photo of the different coffee grind size to show you more or less how it looks like. However do bare in mind that different coffee grinders have different levels, so it is good to first understand what coffee grinder you have on hand whether it is a manual coffee grinder or an automatic coffee grinding machine. If you are uncertain in anyway feel free to chat with us on MESSENGER here. 

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