Best Coffee Beans In Thailand – Are From?

Which Are The Best Coffee Beans In Thailand? And Which Region Are They From?

When it comes to the question which is the best coffee bean in Thailand, it comes down to what factors you hold as the best coffee? Which is Thailand’s most famous coffee brand? Where are the best coffee beans from in Thailand? Which are the award-winning coffee beans from Thailand? So depending on which of these questions you are asking we have just the answer for you. So let’s find out what are the best coffee beans in Thailand.

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So Which Is Thailand’s Most Famous Coffee Brand?

Which Are The Internationally Recognized Coffee Brands?

So this question is determined by which Thai coffee brand has been approved by the EU Coffee Association for the quality of the coffee beans and the taste. The two brands that have received this are Doi Chaang Coffee and Doi Tung.

Doi Chaang Coffee

For over 18 years, Doi Chaang Coffee has been perfecting the art of coffee production and is now recognized as one of the highest quality coffee both in Thailand and around the world. Doi Chaang Coffee is one of the first coffee producers in Thailand who was able to hit the big leagues and become internationally recognized due to their quality coffee beans. Doi Chaang Coffee is well-known for coffee that has a unique aroma, acidic balance and a very low caffeine content. Considered one of the best Arabica coffees in the world, Doi Chaang Coffee is one of the best coffees to be grown in Thailand.

Doi Tung

Established in 1988 by Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra (the Princess Mother), the Doi Tung Coffee Development Project is located in the center of the Golden Triangle. The original aim and goal was purely just to uplift the agriculture opportunities for the local hill tribes, in order to generate jobs and income. And the coffee development project became a huge success both within Thailand and internationally. Their coffee is grown and harvested in Chiang Rai with the help of 29 local villages and six ethnic groups. Doi Tung Coffee was first available for export in 2013 and is often served on Japan Airlines flights. Doi Tung’s coffee beans are processed and roasted locally and have a well-balanced taste, featuring fruity taste notes and sweet overtones.

Doi Chaang Coffee
Best Coffee Beans In Thailand
Doi Tung Coffee

Where are the best coffee beans from in Thailand?

This is a rather tough question to answer, because like wines, it really depends a lot on the weather and the quality of the soil which is rather seasonal. But currently, the best green coffee beans and the best Arabica coffee in Thailand tends to come from these 8 areas of Northern Thailand.

  1. Thep Sadet from Doi Saket | 332 meters above sea level

  2. Khun Chang Khian from Chiang Mai | 1,350 meters above sea level

  3. Doi Chang in Chiang Rai | 1,278 meters above sea level

  4. Baan Mae Kampong in Chiang Mai | 1,300 meters above sea level

  5. Mae Tang in Chiang Mai | 310 meters above sea level

  6. Suan Yaa Luang in Nan | 1,600 meters above sea level

  7. Tung Chang in Nan | 1,022 meters above sea level

  8. Huay Ton in Nan | 211 meters above sea level

And if you’re looking for the best robusta green beans in Thailand then you best look for Robusta coffee from:

  1. Ranong
  2. Chumporn
  3. Surat Thani (one of the harder ones to find)

What are the award-winning coffees in Thailand in 2022?

Want to know more about the award-winning coffees in Thailand for 2022? If you’re as excited as we are then you’ll want to check in again in the middle of this year. I mean which coffee lover wouldn’t want to try out an award-winning coffee beans, am I right?!  

So this year the Thailand Coffee Festival for 2022 was held from the 14th to 17th July, where the winners of the best coffee beans in Thailand were announced. We’re super excited to discover this year’s new coffee bean winners!

2022’s Award-Winning Coffee Beans From Thailand
Thai Specialty Coffee Awards 2022


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