5 Ways To Make Coffee At Home

5 Different Ways You Can Make Fresh Coffee At Home




When it comes to making fresh coffee there are several different brew methods but here we will cover the 5 common ways to make coffee at home. There are two main things we need, first of all, our amazing and delicious coffee beans, and of course a way to make the coffee. No matter how much we may love these magical beans of caffeine, we still need to put a little bit of work into creating the perfect cup of lovely coffee.

When it comes to making coffee, there are many ways to make your coffee at home, some a little bit easier and some and a little bit more rewarding. Each of these ways will change the taste and depth of your coffee; we recommend trying a few coffee making techniques until you find the one that suits you the best.

To help we have created this blog on the five different ways you can make coffee at home;


1. Coffee Machine / Coffee Maker

Starting from as low as THB 1,000 a machine.

This machine gives a quick and consistent brew, it’s easy to use and takes minimum maintenance except regular cleaning, perfect for when your friends come over to visit. They also generally use ground beans, the fresher, the better—this classic coffee making machine can be found in almost all Western kitchens and offices. Love them or hate them, there are thousands of coffee machines to choose from, each one promising you to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

2. Espresso Machine

Starting from THB 3,600 a machine.

If you want the versatility to be able to create anything from espresso to cappuccino to a latte, a manual espresso machine is the best choice. The only trick is that you’ll need to learn to steam your milk to perfection, as well as to have to clean the machine and repeat the process for every cup. However, the added control makes it possible to get the absolute best from any variety of coffee.

3. Stovetop Moka Coffee Pot

Starting from as low as THB 400 a pot.

One of the most capable and straightforward machines for creating a delicious and robust cup of coffee is the stovetop coffee maker, otherwise referred to as the Moka pot. The Moka pot is a stovetop machine that moves boiling water, pressurized by steam, through ground coffee to make a delicious brew. This classic Moka pot is so reliable that it remains one of the best stovetop espresso makers you can buy. 

4. Coffee Pour Over / Coffee Drip Station

Starting from as low as THB 900 a machine.

You don’t need a pricey machine to get a delectable cup of coffee. If you haven’t tried making a cup of good old-fashioned pour-over coffee at home, you need to get brewing as soon as possible. The most significant benefit of a pour-over coffee maker is that it can control precisely how much coffee you make. No more wasting your best coffee beans or pouring out a stale brew. The pour-over method lets you create the perfect amount of coffee whenever you need it.

5. Nespresso Coffee Capsule Machine

Starting fromTHB 4,000 a machine.

Firstly, if you don’t know anything about the Nespresso coffee maker; It’s possibly one of the best single cup coffee makers available. It’s so popular in fact that you’ll even see these coffee machines in lots of fancy places like five-star hotels and luxury spas. The device has an automatic cleaning process that you need to do before using it for the first time and after every use. It uses coffee capsules, which have many different options from the light roasts, dark roasts, espresso, double espresso, to tons of flavours. And for those who already own these machines you may want to look into the refillable coffee capsules which are now readily available in Thailand. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog and that you have a great time trying out our 5 ways of making coffee at home. Coming up next is 5 different ways you can grind your coffee beans at home.

Happy Brewing!


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