5 Steps To Making Cold Brew Coffee At Home

A Step By Step Guide To Making Cold Brew Coffee At Home With Tips & Tricks You Should Know

A Step By Step Guide To Making Cold Brew At Home With Tips & Tricks You Should Know

It’s sweeter and it’s smoother than any other iced coffee out there. A cold brew coffee is great for thos who enjoy a less sour / acidic and less bitter iced coffee. Plus let’s face it Thailand is so hot that drinking a hot cup of coffee sometimes isn’t just as nice. A cold brew coffee allows you to enjoy a cup of flavourful and delicious coffee without having to sweat. It also allows you to create jugs and jugs of coffee without it going bad for the next 7 – 10 days (when done right). So how would I go about making a cold brew coffee at home? What equipment would I need? What coffee is best for making cold brew coffees? And is it hard to make?

Cold brew coffee is very simple to make and can be made with several different types of coffee makers. So let’s jump right in:

What equipment do I need?

There are 3 ways you can make a cold brew coffee; French Press, Cold Brew Coffee Maker or a container and a coffee filter paper. Once you have selected which of the above equipment you will use, the remainder items you will need are a measuring spoon/cup or a scale, your favorite coffee and a fridge.

What are the best coffee beans or ground coffee for cold brew?

You don’t necessary need to use coffee beans for a cold brew but there is no doubt that grinding fresh coffee on the making will make your coffee tastier. If you don’t have a coffee grinder and don’t yet want to invest in one, then you can simply just order a coarse ground coffee. As coarse grounds will allow your coffee to have less coffee residue in it. 

When it comes to the best coffee for your cold brew coffee. There isn’t one, any of your favourite coffee will work just fine. The best roast for cold brew is atleast a medium roast up all the way up to French roast, as this really depends on what style of coffee you like most. If you really don’t know which coffee to use for cold brew then here are three coffees you may want to test out so you can compare the difference in taste of coffees: 

With the above three you can be sure to find the one closest to your liking. But remember just because you don’t like ONE TYPE of coffee, doesn’t mean that they don’t have something you like.

Useful Tips & Tricks

If you want to have the best cold brew you can get, take these tips into consideration:

Use coarse ground coffee.

Always start with a coarsely ground bean. If you find your coffee doesn’t have the flavor you want, slowly work your way down to a finer grind until you reach the flavor you want.

Use filtered water.

Filtered water is going to give your coffee a cleaner flavor. Also, it may even make the coffee just a touch sweeter, too.

Leave the coffee in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

Your coffee is going to need a long time to infuse the water with all that coffee flavor. And the coarser the grind of the coffee, the longer the wait. And remember depending on your taste preference you can always adjust the time, the grind size and roast levels to match what you are after.

Make coffee ice cubes.

You’ve gone through all the trouble of making cold brew, you don’t want to dilute that flavor with water! To keep your drink cold and robust, make coffee ice cubes and toss in your drink. It just is that much more delicious!

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home?

Now that we’ve gone over the minor details ^_^ and how to choose your roast coffee. Let’s take a look dive into how you can make a cold brew coffee at home. As well as some delicious cold brew coffee recipes you can try out. 5 simple steps to making a cold brew coffee:

Step 1

Use coarse ground coffee or coarsely grind your favorite coffee beans. Grind 1 cup of your beans on the highest setting on the grinder. If it doesn’t have a coarse setting, you can use quick, 1-second pulses on a spice grinder. Ideally, your grounds should look like sea salt. This will result in slightly less than a cup of coffee grounds.

Combine the cold brew coffee grounds with water. Next, pour your coffee grounds into your chosen cold brew coffee maker (french press, cold brew coffee maker or a container). Then pour in 4 cups room temperature drinking water. Cover the container.

Wait wait and wait some more. Now all you have to do is wait, do make sure that it is closed. Leave it in the fridge for 12 hours – later you can adjust to leave it longer if you want a stronger taste.

Strain the coffee. Once the 12 hours have passed, you’ll want to strain your coffee. If you are using a container, place a small strainer with the coffee filter paper / flour sack cloth / cheesecloth over a bowl or a new canister / bottle. Then pour over the coffee to strain out the coffee grounds.  You can do this twice if you want to make sure there are absolutely no residues in your coffee.

Enjoy or keep the coffee. Either enjoy that cup of coffee or keep it in the fridge for up to a week at least.

To serve or enjoy your cold brew coffee, you can add in milk or perhaps try these delicious cold brew coffee recipes.

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